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My association with Medifit Biologicals began in 2005, when he approached me for guidance to set up a Fitness Academy, which incidentally I only inaugurated. I sent some of my staff to his academy. They found the course to be enlightening and were satisfied with the course having gained knowledge on fitness supplementation and other topics.

Some of the initiatives taken up by Dr. Mahesh such as E magazine, medical supervision for people taking anabolic steroids, courses on supplementation and related topics are very commendable.

His Institute is completely devoted to bodybuilding, exercise techniques, fitness, sports medicine and supplementation. I am happy that, a small organization, whose genesis happened with my inauguration, is developed into a private limited company. Seeing the progress and enthusiasm of Dr. Mahesh Kumar and his team, I hope this small company of today becomes a giant of the Fitness Industry.

I wish him the best of health and good luck.

Executive Chairman
Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited



Suniel shetty



“I have known Dr. Mahesh Kumar for almost 4 years now. I highly recommend his courses and other services offered by him to every gym owner. My trainers found his courses very economical plus easy to understand and put to use. His initiative on the e- fitness magazine was quite impressive. It’s good that he is educating people through it who don’t have much information on fitness.

I wish Dr. Mahesh Kumar all the best in his future endeavors.”

Healthworks India
Entrepreneur for
World Gym, Nitro Gym Thane (1 Lakh sq feet plus)



I have known Dr. Mahesh Kumar as a friend and human being for the last five years. He has been very instrumental in my health and fitness regime. From my experience with Dr. Mahesh, I found it inevitable that his immense knowledge and a trove of experience would be further served with an academy that could impart such physical education and address issues related to healthy lifestyle. He has successfully set up these courses with meticulous research and thorough background study into the science of fitness. This academy to my knowledge aims to spread awareness and propagate latest advancement in the field of sports medication with honest intent. I wish him all the best in this wonderful endevour.


Dr.Mahesh, as I mentioned earlier has been a friend, philosopher and guide in bringing about my calibre as a fitness enthusiast and achieving a certain body type suited to my proffession of acting. His focussed approach, medical fortitude and proffessionalism are well known to all. I am one of the many satisfied people in his long list of students who have implcit faith in his diagnosis and suggested remedies. Above all he is an outstanding human being. I will always cherish his friendship and consultation.

MY PHYSIQUE e – Magazine

I am also a regular subscriber to the fitness periodical from Medifit Biologicals. Not only is it journalistic, health savvy and precise with its journalistic approach to nutrition and body building. But it also is a stepping stone for a trend to follow in literary fitness domain. I can humbly forsee a grand volume of readership in the days to come because of its authentic and accurate information in the latest development of nutritional science and bodybuilding.

A final word regarding Medifit Biologicals, if you have the will and the dedication to achieve what you desire, they have the perfect strategy tailored to realize your goals.

Bollywood Film Actor

Dr. Harry Hanoman
South America

People with apt knowledge of fitness are very rare in the society. Furthermore, the importance of the knowledge regarding fitness becomes the key to many people’s lifestyle thus introducing and setting up fitness academies like Medifit Biologicals ensure welfare of the society . For some people the passion for fitness is immense and they should certainly look for a carrier in the fitness world.

Medical practice and fitness consulting of Medifit Biologicals both are very crucial aspects of modern fitness .There are various supplements available today in market which regular gym goers buy, without actually having knowledge about the ingredients. Some of the ingredients actually affect the vital organs of the body .Thus fitness consulting from Medifit Biologicals becomes very important and vital for success.

About MY PHYSIQUE fitness e- magazine started by Medifit Biologicals.

The initiative taken by Medifit Biologicals is exemplary .The magazine is all about the modern fitness awareness and much more. I am very glad that he and his team have taken this initiative. The magazine is for youth as well as the middle n older generation, thus catering for various body types as well as added nutritional requirements that are more needed in the older ages.

I wish that Medifit Biologicals reach to the epitome of success. The way they are helping people is beyond imagination. They are truly unique and appreciated in line of Medicine.

Wishing Medifit Biologicals the best in the future.

Dr. Harry Hanoman.
Georgetown Guyana,
South America.


I first met Dr Kumars during my visit to Mumbai in April 2013. He and his team were excellent, very well educated with regard to identifying a proper program in line with my goals. Dr Kumars and his team performed several tests which provided additional detail into the proper regime for my program.

Dr. Kumars and his team are very well educated and knowledgeable regarding the proper scoping of a growth plan and take all precautions to ensure that your plan is aligned with your age, size and physical statistics. Their continued follow up was instrumental in ensuring I obtained the gains I was expecting.

Dr. Kumars conducts his practice with utmost professionalism. As a patient I was reassured by the precision by which he conducted the testing and documentation of the program of which I was to follow. I would highly recommend Dr. Kumars to anyone interested in improving their physical structure.


By Medifit Education


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