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Medifit Education explains what precautions should one take while going for Anabolic steroid cycles.


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Most of the muscle builders, bodybuilders and other sports and fitness professionals always use Underground lab (UGL) medicines to develop muscles and endurance, as these medicines are easily available in black market. Actually, all these medicines are fake medicines and they are very risky for life.  Kindly read the section of Pharma grade & UGL on this website in Pharmacology menu for more details on it.

Medifit Educationstrictly advices to avoid non pharma grade or UGL medicines, to keep your body safe. Nothing is more precious than your life. Use pharma grade medicines only.



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Reading on internet, any person cannot find alternative to Medical supervision. The knowledge of Medicine is very vast; hence, a person cannot take the knowledge of doctor on internet. Doctors and Medical practitioners are license holders to give medicines to human beings. No one on earth should remain away from the guidance of Noble Medical profession, as far as medicine used is concerned.

Medifit Education opposes the self-medication, which is very common in India. People considers themselves very smart, if they self-medicate, but don’t understand the hazardous consequences for life.



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Strictly avoid buying and using medicines under the guidance of Trainers, Bodybuilders, Chemists, Supplement sellers, Quack doctors and other nonmedical persons. Obviously, these persons are not alternative to doctors or medical supervision. Why we should put our precious life in risk, by approaching these persons for Anabolic steroids cycle.

Strong warning to all the people by

Medifit Education to take guidance of medicines from above mentioned non medico persons. It is life threatening.



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Medical supervision is very important section of Medifit Education.

We are always in favour of taking medicines under medical supervision.

Why the Medical profession is considered as Noble profession? Because it saves life’s of people. Then why not to take the benefit of this noble profession while using Anabolic steroids?



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