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How can I do payment to Medifit?

By credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, cheque payment, NEFT, RTGS and wire transfer.

Do Medifit accept Traveller cheques?

Yes, Medifit accepts Traveller cheques.

Can I do the payment to Medifit if I am staying out of India?

Yes you can do payment to Medifit from any country via Credit or Debit card, Wire transfer or Internet banking.


Do Medifit store Credit and Debit card information of mine?

No, Medifit do not store credit or debit card information in our servers at all. We have complete secure and easy transaction process.

Is Medifit accepting international cheques?

Yes Medifit accepts International cheques and travelers cheque also.

Can clients outside India pay in their local bank account like US or UK or any other countries?

Take help of your local Bank officials and issue a Demand draft in name of Medifit Biologicals Private Limited or you can do the wire transfer also.

Is it mandatory to intimate Medifit about the payment done?

Kindly intimate to Medifit after doing the payment through phone call or email or Whatsapp. Medifit can keep track record of the payment done for respective product and the amount paid will be noted against your name.


In case of error while doing electronic payment to Medifit, what can I do?

If the payment is debited from your card and you don’t get intimation or any such parallel errors occur then there is no need to worry. Medifit is very cooperative in solving such types of errors. Just intimate Medifit through email or phone call and we will do the needful.

It is always cozy and comfortable whenever you do payment to Medifit.

If I want to know more about how to do payment to Medifit or I have more questions about payment to Medifit?

Contact Medifit for more details. It will be our pleasure to assist you.