Overactive bladder

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Do you suffer from bladder-related problems? Is your life compromised because of your condition? If yes, do not worry; help is not too far away.

You may not realize that the symptoms of your conditions can be treated. To begin with, please check the box that best describes your condition. This is an anonymous self-test.

NOTE: All the values of the calculators mentioned on website of DR MAHESH KUMARS MEDICAL INSTITUE PVT LTD are approximate and may not be exact always. Hence DR MAHESH KUMARS MEDICAL INSTITUE PVT LTD advices to all the visitors to consult your physician/doctor for any queries, doubts etc. on these calculators.

Sex MaleFemale
Ethnicity :
Age :
Symptoms Nil A little bit More than little Moderately A great deal Excessively
Frequent daytime urination
An uncomfortable urge to urinate
A sudden urge to urinate with little or no warning
Accidental urine leaks
Night time urination
Waking up during sleep to urinate
Uncontrollable urge to urinate
Urine loss associated with strong desire to urinate