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By Medifit Education



 || Trustworthiness || Legacy || Security ||

Red Shield with golden border is the main structure of Medifit Logo, which denotes Medifit’s established tradition & legacy of imparting quality education & knowledge with trustworthiness.

Shield represents Security & Defense of Life through proficiency & enlightenment.

{Medifit imparts knowledge through various certificate courses throughout the world.}


 || Elegance || Wisdom || Enlightenment ||

Golden Color border around red shield & Golden Color used in Medifit Logo denotes triumph, prosperity, elegance, core values of commitment and immense quality services in imparting education, symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment.

{Medifit provides unique, gold standard, dynamic, wide range of Medical & Fitness Certificate courses, at unbelievable costs.}


 || Life || Medical ||

Red Color in Medifit Logo symbolizes the Noble Medical Field & the Fit Life. Red, the color of blood, which denotes life & is symbol of protection, indicates the Medical field.

{Medifit imparts knowledge in Medical & Fitness fields through, rare & wide range of Certificate courses.}


|| Accomplishment || Achievement ||

The Square Cap inside shield of Medifit Logo is Symbolism of Academic Accomplishment, educational Achievement with Intelligence & Superiority.

“M” font in square cap denotes Medical Industry & Medifit name simultaneously.

{As a token of achievement, students are awarded Lifetime validity certificates by Medifit, after completion of courses.}


|| Knowledge || Learning ||

Wreath of Laurel leaves represents a high degree of education and the value of commitment and dedication. Wreath stands for knowledge & learning.

{Medifit provides knowledge in Medical & Fitness fields, for enlightenment in super specialized topics.}