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By Medifit Education

                                                                               MEDICAL SUPERVISION


Medifit Biologicals provides medical guidance and supervision for the persons who want to take Steroids Cycle.

Medical Supervision is the vital part of Steroid Cycles guidance of  Medifit Biologicals

The specific guidelines and necessary variety of Steroid Cycle procedures are explained to patients.This gives positive anticipation (the ability to look forward to and plan events in a positive way) and confidence regarding Steroid Cycle education and knowledge.

We provide complete guidance and supervision for Steroid Cycle from Mumbai, India.We are having wide experience of 15 years in giving guidance for Steroid cycle.More than 2500 steroid cycle patients experienced our service from Mumbai, India. Medifit Biologicals provides complete Medical Supervision and guidance for

  • Vital organs protection (Heart, liver, kidney, brain etc)
  • Medicine guidance and use
  • Pathological investigations
  • Radiological investigations

Medifit Biologicals provides Medical consulting for patients all over the world including Western countries, Middle East, Asian Countries and throughout India.


Since the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 became law on November 29, 1990, physicians have struggled with the ethics of becoming involved with patients using anabolic steroids. There are serious repercussions for doctors’ accused of prescribing anabolic steroids to patients for physique augmentation. In addition, most doctors know very little about anabolic steroids and tend to have an exaggerated view of their risks. This results in a reluctance of doctors to adequately care for patients who are suspected of or obviously using steroids.

A steroid cycle refers to the frequency or schedule of an individual’s steroid use. Different anabolic steroids vary in half-life, and thus individuals typically use each steroid at different intervals of time. Some individuals also take multiple types of steroids at a time, known as “steroid stacking.

The complete time interval of an individual’s use typically lasts 6–12 weeks or more.

Building the body is a lifetime commitment that has to be practiced eagerly day in and day out with the utmost persistence. There are no shortcuts to a championship body; not even steroids. Only hard work combined with a smart training and nutrition system will take you where you want to go.

However, keep in mind that unless you are using them under medical supervision for HRT purposes, or for any other medical purpose that your Doctor sees fit, then you are breaking the law and you are exposing yourself to whatever you got from the black market and to possible legal issues.

It is of utmost necessity to take all the Anabolic Cycles through strict Medical Supervision. Persons going without Medical Supervision will surely destroy their vital organs like Heart, Liver, Kidney, Brain etc.

In medical supervision, your doctor will periodically do investigations of pathology and radiology, before,during and after the cycle.

By Medifit Education