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Medifit Education wants to specially point out here that, there is lots of confusion, in doctors, regarding the corticosteroids immunosuppressant effect. These doctors apply same logic to Anabolic steroids also, which are immune boosters according to following study/ research given below.

Means, anabolics steroids in simple language increases immunity system and corticosteroids (which are totally different from anabolic steroids) cause immune suppression.

 Following study was conducted on HIV/AIDS patients using Anabolic steroids therapy concludes that anabolic steroids can be immune potentiating.

That is, specific anabolic steroid therapy can not only increase lean body mass, which is correlative with survival, but can significantly benefit meaningful immune function, increasing, for instance, the CD8+ count, which some studies suggest is highly correlative with improved survival in HIV. We assert that numerous studies in the literature with other pathologies suggest this immune benefit, and also state that it is important to differentiate that many people including medical doctors have confused cortical steroids, which are immuno-suppressive by nature, with anabolic steroids, which the following studies show can be immuno-potentiating.

For instance, one study on uterine cervical cancer showed that nandrolone decanoate (Deca Durabolin) can “improve cell-mediated immune response and enhance the activity of macrophages”, while it “reduced the incidence of post-operative infection”, at the same time that it “did not influence tumor growth”. In another, nandrolone also “largely counteracted the immuno-suppressive effect” of radiotherapy.

In a study on rheumatoid arthritis, which is a pathology that exhibits some similarities to AIDS in regard to T-cell and cytokine kinetics, CD8+ T-cells increased and rheumatoid factor concentration decreased significantly. Although little has been published yet on anabolic steroids and AIDS specifically, there are some important inferences like an AIDS Treatment News interview with one pioneering doctor who asserted that about 75% of his patients on anabolic steroids experienced significant increases in CD8+ t-cells, and 40% had some increase in CD4+ t-cells.

It should be noted that one reason the lean body mass (LBM) gained from the application of anabolic steroids is important, is that LBM is the body’s primary reservoir of the amino acid l-glutamine, which is necessary for the production of t-cells. So we see that having LBM itself can be important for proper t-cell function. Because doctors who are using this therapy are getting so much anecdotal evidence that anabolic steroids do benefit the immune system.


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