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Cosmetic leg lengthening that works by taking advantage of the body’s ability to heal itself. Cosmetic leg lengthening increases a patient’s height. The procedure includes minimally invasive methods of accessing and cutting shin bones and femurs, which automatically begins to generate a new bone. As the bones heal, they are pulled apart by the Ilizarov-Veklich device to make them longer.
The Height Lengthening procedure utilizes the newest techniques available to allow the lengthening of your legs, thighs, or a combination of both to help you grow taller. The method consists of a minimally invasive technique that creates a surgical cut in your bone and with gradual lengthening, using an external or internal device, the bone is lengthened to the desired height. As a result, you will get taller by several inches.
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Limb lengthening techniques utilize the body’s ability to heal itself through the regeneration of bone and soft tissues (example: blood vessels, muscles, nerves, skin, etc.) The method of distraction osteogenesis involves gradually pulling apart (distraction) of a surgically cut bone, enabling for the growth of a new bone (osteogenesis) in the gap created. The new bone hardens or merges and is as strong as any other bone in your body.



Step 1: The bone to be lengthened is cracked through a small incision made by your surgeon.

Step 2: The limb is then stabilized using (one of a variety), of either an external or internal fixation device.
Step 3: Most patients stay in the hospital for a day or two after surgery with physical therapy starting the day after surgery. Maintaining joint mobility is an essential requirement during the distraction and lengthening of the bone that usually starts five or ten days after surgery.
Step 4: During the distraction phase, the cut in the bone is slowly pulled apart with daily adjustments being made to the fixator. As the space between the bones increases, the body will produce new bone in the gap until the required amount of bone is generated.

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Step 5: During the lengthening phase of treatment, patients are X-rayed and examined every week or fortnight to evaluate bone growth, nerve and muscle function and to also have pin sites examined for any infection.
Step 6: After the desired length of bone has grown and the limb has been straightened, adjustments to the fixator will be stopped. During this consolidation phase, the fixator is not removed while the new bone hardens and matures.
Step 7: Once the new bone is completely healed, as confirmed with X-rays, the fixation device is removed. This is done as a same day procedure under general anaesthesia. To protect the bone a cast or brace is placed on the limb after the fixator has been removed, It will have to be worn for a few weeks.

Note: The amount of time that the fixator has to be present in the limb depends upon the length of bone growth that is needed. In general, the average time in the fixator is one month per centimetre of bone lengthened in children and twice that period for adults. The time includes both the distraction and consolidation phases.

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