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Genetic potential

Medifit Education tries to explain that, your muscles are having natural limit for growing. This natural limit can only be broken by Anabolic steroids. 

Your progress is largely dependent on your genetics.

Your muscles grow when satellite cells that surround your muscles contribute their nuclei to your muscle cells, thereby stimulating them to produce genetic material that signals your muscles to grow. Individuals with high genetic bodybuilding potential have more satellite cells surrounding their muscles, and their bodies produce even more satellite cells in response to the stress of bodybuilding. As a consequence of this genetic variation, people vary widely in their ability to respond to bodybuilding. Some people exhibit virtually no response to bodybuilding, although most people respond to some degree.

Recent research shows that some individuals respond very well to strength training, some barely respond, and some don’t respond at all. You read that correctly. Some people don’t show any noticeable results. Researchers created the term “non-responders” for these individuals.

A landmark study by Hubal used 585 male and female human subjects and showed that twelve weeks of progressive dynamic exercise resulted in a shockingly wide range of responses.

The worst responders lost 2% of their muscle cross-sectional area and didn’t gain any strength whatsoever. The best responders increased muscle cross-sectional area by 59% and increased their 1RM strength by 250%. Keep in mind these individuals were subjected to the exact same training protocol.

The Hubal study isn’t the only study showing these types of results. Petrella showed that 16 weeks of progressive dynamic exercise involving 66 human subjects failed to yield any measurable hypertrophy in 26% of subjects.

Strong evidence suggests that the results you see in the gym are highly dependent on the efficacy of satellite cell-mediated myonuclear addition. In laymen’s terms, your muscles won’t grow unless the satellite cells surrounding your muscle fibers donate their nuclei to your muscles so they can produce more genetic material to signal the cells to grow.

Petralla showed that the difference between excellent responders in comparison to average and non-responders in strength training was mostly due to satellite cell activation. Excellent responders have more satellite cells that surround their muscle fibers, as well as a remarkable ability to expand their satellite cell pool via training.

In this study, excellent responders averaged 21 satellite cells per 100 fibers at baseline, which rose to 30 satellite cells per 100 fibers by week sixteen. This was accompanied by a 54% increase in mean fiber area. The non-responders averaged 10 satellite cells per 100 myofibers at baseline, which did not change post-training, nor did their hypertrophy.

In brief the summary is that, each body has its genetic potential or muscle growing limit. Above this limit, growing of muscles is not possible naturally. Hence anabolic steroids are used to break up this plateau or natural growing limit of muscles.  That’s the reason why Medifit Education have introduced this genetic potential section under Physiology and Myology category. 



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