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MEDIFIT INCORP explains why females use Anabolic steroids?

ANABOLIC STEROIDS: Not only for men anymore.

Females use Anabolic steroids for various following medical & non-medical conditions

  • To treat anaemia
  • To treat osteoporosis
  • To increase sexual urge (libido)
  • For weight gain, in females who are under weight
  • For fat loss


Anaemia and osteoporosis is far more common in young females as compared to males. Many people have made a mind-set that anabolic steroids shouldn’t be used by females, being a primary male hormone. But these people are forgetting that testosterone is produced in ovaries of females also and it plays a very vital role in female’s body. For above mentioned conditions, anabolic steroids can be used by females, under medical supervision.

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A woman will “have reduced body fat, an increase in lean body (muscle) mass and increased strength. She may also develop euphoria and a heightened self-esteem. In general, a woman who uses will have much more energy. She may have the pleasure of winning a body-building competition or have the opposite sex notice her more if those are her intentions. She may not feel so vulnerable and after using anabolic steroids may feel like she can now protect herself in a dangerous situation since she will look and feel more intimidating.

A woman even experiences heightened sexual arousal. Using anabolic steroids for personal satisfaction is very common among women. Internally, her body has “improved nitrogen utilization which promotes a positive nitrogen balance by the reversal of catabolic processes. They can improve nitrogen balance and increase the concentration of total plasma amino acids.” She will have increased protein synthesis and decreased nitrogen excretion. Overall, a woman will experience an increase in leanness, muscle definition, muscle mass, weight, and strength. The effectiveness of training will become better for she will have an improved recovery rate. She will become more aggressive, have a heightened sexual drive and a better self-esteem.

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There are many reasons why a woman begins using anabolic steroids. Some women believe this will help bring equality to the genders. If women can compete on the same playing field as men then women deserve to be treated as equals. But they believe women can’t possibly be contenders with what they were born with.

Other women do it for personal gain. They use their body to compete in body-building competitions and this is how they make their money. Some are athletes or even Olympians who compete in professional sports to provide for their family. In these 2 instances, you have to be the best or someone stronger and faster than you will take your place.

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A few woman have a behavioral syndrome known as muscle dysmorphia where they have a distorted image of their body. They look in the mirror and think “I’m so fat” when in actuality they are in top physical condition. A more serious issue is those women who are using because they feel like they need to protect themselves. Usually these women have experienced physical or sexual abuse whether in their childhood or in a recent relationship. Twice as many women do it because they have been raped and believe “that being bigger and stronger would discourage further attacks because men would find them either intimidating or unattractive.” In one study a total of 75 women were interviewed and of them 10 reported that they had been raped and that instance was the reason they were using anabolic steroids to increase muscle strength and size. The rape victims in most cases believed that would never be able to trust a man again and replaced these relationships with body building activites. What is even more surprising is that of these 10 women who reported the rape, 5 said that prior to the experience they had no intention of ever using steroids and believed they were a sign of weakness and an unwillingness to achieve goals through hard work. But researchers realize that rape victims will not report experiences such as these to an unfamiliar interviewer. This then can cause an underestimate of the frequency of rape victims in this population. On the other hand though, a woman can exaggerate the sexual assault, so again researchers can say this study is inconclusive. Women using anabolic steroids justify the use by believing these drugs are necessary to win, the side effects, though sometimes undesirable, are acceptable to them and their friends, and a woman has every right to use them if she so pleases. You may know someone who does it for another reason than listed here and that’s all right, because this list just skims the surface.

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