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1. Is it necessary to take anabolic steroids for the persons who want to develop good muscles?

The layman, models, bodybuilders or other sports persons who want to develop good amount of muscles mandatorily need anabolic steroids.

Medical science says that real muscle growth / good amount of muscle growth is not possible without anabolic steroids / testosterone hormone.

Conclusion – It is necessary to take A.S. for the persons who want good muscle size / development.

2. Why in India, bodybuilders & other persons take steroids on their own {without medical supervision}

In India, the situation is bit tough for the bodybuilders & other persons who want to develop muscles.

On one side it is necessary to take anabolic steroids (as answered in question 1)

On another side doctors are forcing these bodybuilders not to go for anabolic steroids due to its fatal side effects.

So, in India, how is the situation –

Doctors are not supporting to anabolic steroids & in profession of body builders, it is mandatory to take anabolic steroids.

Hence for body builders only one alternative is remaining, to take the anabolic steroids on their own.

3. Why doctors are in opposition for giving anabolic steroids to sports persons?

Doctors are unaware about sports/athletic science. Sports person’s demands very high doses of anabolic steroids. In fear such a high dose of anabolic steroids can be fatal to sports persons, they are in opposition of giving anabolic steroids to sports persons.

4. What are the adverse effects?

Few fatal side effects are – heart attack, liver damage, kidney damage & over aggressiveness.

5. How the adverse effects can be prevented?

Obviously by the help of doctors. Doctors will do the checking of heart, liver, kidney, blood, urine, semen etc check up. On the basis of reports collected, doctors will give medicines to prevent heart attack, kidney damage, overaggresiveness etc. Hence the body will remain safe.

6. Are anabolic steroids created for body building?

No, not at all. It was created for the patients to recover from illness occurring due to various diseases.

7. Can a general slim person who is not athlete or body builder, can go for anabolic steroids?

Obviously yes, but under medical supervision only . Anabolic steroids are useful to increase weight, gain muscles in slim person.

8. What are other uses of anabolic steroids?

To cure osteoporosis (weakning of bones), recover from illness, to increase anabolism & as a adjuvant therapy in TB (Tuberculosis)

9. Doing body check up/ medical check up, before taking anabolic steroids, will prevent the adverse effects?

Doing medical check up only will not prevent the adverse effects of anabolic steroids. You require a special medical treatment to prevent adverse effects arising from steroids, which is given by doctors only.

10. Last question, is it ethical or non ethical to use anabolic steroids?

I would like to make this point very clear & easy. If you are taking steroids with help of doctors and if your heart, liver, kidney etc (vital organs) remains safe then you are ethical. Otherwise if you take it on your own(without doctors help), then it is unethical.

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