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FAQ – Mini Branch opening


Why Franchising was started by Medifit?

Franchising/ Branches formation was started to increase the network of Medifit and avoid the obstacles and cost of opening full fledged Branches all over World. This free of cost model of Medifit Franchise increases vast network in India and world and in return give lots of business to Medifit Company and to Franchise owners also.


Why we should join Medifit Franchise network?

Because it comes with bundle of benefits like

  • Free of cost opening with very high incentives
  • You become part of Pan India network of MEDIFIT BRANCHES
  • Free publicity and advertisement of your local business all over India and World


What are the charges/fees of opening our MEDIFIT BRANCH?

No hidden cost. It is completely free of cost all over India.


Who can open MEDIFIT BRANCH ?

The capability and ability to collect students for Courses is must. If you can gather students for courses, then you are eligible to open Medifit Branch.

Non Fitness related business owners also can open Medifit Branches.

Gym Owners, Supplement Sellers, Instrument Manufacturers & Sellers, Doctors, Physiotherapists and the persons who own other fitness related & non fitness related businesses.



Why Medifit don’t charge for BRANCH opening?

Many aspiring Branch owners ask this question, why Free Franchising by Medifit?

Its a Free Franchising Model. What is Free Franchising model?

The basic structure of MEDIFIT BRANCH is very different. We don’t charge to BRANCH owners for leasing our brand, but we take help to generate business from that local area.

Hence it is free, more BRANCHES are formed and more business is generated to Medifit.

Charging anybody reduces the pace of BRANCH formation, which in turn hampers Medifit’s treasury collection.

Also there is no dealing in physical assets. Hence no charge to open a Branch of Medifit.


How MEDIFIT BRANCH is useful to me?

  • Get associated with big brand which is having Pan India service & network
  • Brand value of your business increases
  • Becomes part of Noble profession of Medical & Education services to mankind without getting really involved
  • It comes free of cost without any deposit or fees
  • Special privileges will be given to Branch owners for products and services offered by Medifit
  • You become part of Pan India network of MEDIFIT BRANCHES
  • Free publicity and advertisement all over India and world
  • Eligible for very high incentives
  • Additional offerings of Fitness courses and Medical consulting to your clients


How BRANCH OF MEDIFIT is useful to my business?

The specific structure of BRANCH gives following benefits to your business

  • Free advertisement of your business in local area and all over India
  • Increases walk-in clients and calls for your business
  • Your business gets more highlighted in public view


Is it compulsory for  BRANCH OF MEDIFIT owner to give business to Medifit?

Yes. It is mandatory. Otherwise the privileges of Branch Owners will be removed.


How much incentives Medifit is giving for business given?

25 % maximum and will be revised every year. Incentive percentage will change from time to time.


How incentive amount is paid to us?

By cash or cash deposit in bank. We do not hold the amount given by clients. We immediately give it to all BRANCH owners.


Is extra service tax applicable on incentives paid to us?

No. The service tax & other taxes is paid by Medifit only.

Why incentive percentage is very high?

The strength of MEDIFIT BRANCH is the strength of Medifit Company.

More incentives attract more people for opening MEDIFIT BRANCHES and gives more business to Medifit.

If incentives paid are less, then obviously the Medifit Company and BRANCH owner, both are at loss.


What if we don’t give business to Medifit?

Keep trying to generate clients. If you are not successful, doesn’t matter. Keep on trying and our relationship remains as it is.

We continue doing your advertisement and publicity and Mini branch board also remains mounted on your business premises. Hence we continue your advertisement and we also get publicity through BRANCH board mounting.


How Medifit will do our publicity /advertisement?

  • By Listing of your business on world renowned website of Medifit.
  • By digital marketing
  • By conducting courses/seminars in your area or in adjacent locality/city


Can I open more BRANCHES OF MEDIFIT in my area?

Its mandatory to open more Branches in same area to increase branding and business, both. Medifit will always try to open more BRANCHES and give more business to BRANCH owners. Otherwise the business will go to our rivals. Instead of giving business to rivals, it’s better to remain with us.


How many BRANCHES OF MEDIFIT I can open in my city or state?

There is no limit to open number of Branches. We just don’t want to give business to our rivals.


If I open more BRANCHES, how will be the percentage sharing?

You will get Same Specified Percentage, plus 5% from each Sub Branch owners you prepared.

Suppose you prepared 15 Branches under you, then you are entitled to get 5% from each of these 15  Branches.


Can I open BRANCH of Medifit outside India?

Yes you can. In few countries we have our Branches.


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