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By Medifit Education.

COURSES Provided by 

Medifit Biologicals


SPORTS MEDICINE & INJURIES (Online/ Distance education) Fees 5500 INR.

ADVANCE CARDIOLOGY Course (By distance education)

EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY Course (By distance education)

Anabolic Steroids & GH Course (Personal one to one Coaching)

Nutritional & Sports Supplementation Course

Diet and Nutrition Course

Spa Therapy Course

Massage Therapy Course

Personal Training Course (in Mumbai)


There is an emphasis on individual attention. Secondly Medifit Biologicals have a highly developed and experienced pastoral care system, where personal attention is given to each student.

Since years, many students have successfully completed our courses and used their knowledge to reach the highest levels in Fitness, Medical, Body building and health industry. Medifit Biologicals  have distinctive academic ethos. Our strategies are designed to ensure that our students succeed.

  • Trendsetters of world class education in Fitness by redefining Fitness education.
  • Job oriented and Fitness industry compatible knowledge.
  • International Standards in Fitness education.
  • Well qualified and trained faculty.
  • Tie up with various Gyms and Corporate houses of Fitness industry.
  • Sophisticated & Innovative training methods.
  • International options & Carrier Guidance.
  • Carefully planned, growth oriented, high demand potential courses.

By Medifit Education.