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Medifit Incorp strictly believes in the research of Medicine & Exercise sciences performed all over the world, which tells the fact that cardio exercise is necessary for building muscles.

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Why Cardio burns more fats?
The more cardio you do, the better it is for fat loss. Now, we all know that cardio is absolutely needed in order to burn fat – There is no denying this fact. Research has shown that the only way the body burns fat is through the oxidation cycle. Cardio exercise forces your body to use oxygen as a fuel source. And, in order to burn fat, oxygen has to be present. So, it only makes sense that the more oxygen you have in your system, the better it is to burn fat. This is a very simplified version of how the body uses oxygen to burn fat but hey. However, the latest research has shown that shorter and more intense cardio session, to be much more effective for fat loss and muscle retention. Let me ask you another question, how would you feel if you could do shorter cardio sessions (20 minutes) and actually burn more fat in the long run and hold on to more muscle mass?

A million dollar question, Why to do cardio if I want to gain muscles?
Cardio is necessary for muscle gain/building for following reasons Developing cardio output which helps in recovery of skeletal muscles.

Cardiac Output Development (COD)

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This form of cardio is one step up the intensity ladder from Recuperation/Recovery Cardio. The goal here is to actually increase the size of your left ventricle—the chamber of your heart that pumps blood to the rest of the body. The cool thing about COD is that by making the left ventricle bigger, your overall resting heart rate decreases. This means that you’ll return to your resting heart rate levels faster after you workout. The faster your heart rate slows back to resting levels, the calmer your nervous system and the faster you recover for your next workout.

Razor sharp Cutting
Real Body building is incomplete without razor sharp cutting of the muscles, which can be attained by Cardio workout by body builders. The only question remains is how long and with what intensity to do cardio?

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The major fat loss actually occurred with the shortest duration and highest-intensity activities, like sprinting. The longer you do cardio per day, the greater the losses are in muscle mass. However, there was a very small decrease in muscle and strength when cardio was kept to less than 20 minutes per day. Let’s take a look at some of the research. One of the earliest researches done at Laval University suggests that more fat can be burned using high intensity interval training. The experiment lasted for one month and used two groups. One group used steady state cardio training for 20 weeks and another group used a high intensity interval training program for 15 weeks. The results showed that the group using a steady state cardio program lost more calories than the high intensity interval training group did. However, the group using the high intensity interval training program actually lost significantly more body fat. Another study done in 2001 at the East Tennessee State University found similar results. Two groups followed an 8 week cardio program. One group followed a steady state cardio program and another used a high intensity interval training program. After the study was completed, the high intensity interval training group lost 2% body fat. The interesting part is that the group that followed the steady state cardio program lost absolutely no body fat. Of course, there may have been other variables involved that could have accounted for the 0 fat loss for the steady state group, but regardless, the results speak for themselves. You want to know what’s really interesting about this study, is that the subjects who followed the high intensity interval program burned 100 more calories per day during the 24 hours, post exercise. The most recent study is from Australia. The study involved two groups of females. One group followed a 20 minute high intensity interval wind sprints (8 second high intense sprint followed by 12 second rest), while another group followed a 40 minute steady state cardio program performed at 60% of maximum heart rate. The group that performed the high intensity wind sprints lost an amazing 6 times more body fat than the steady state cardio group.

What Makes High Intense Interval Cardio Training Burn So Much Fat? ”

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A high intense interval training program is its effect on metabolism. A study done by the Baylor College of Medicine reported that those individuals who performed a high intense cardio workout on a stationary bike burned a lot more calories during the 24 hours than those who followed a steady state program. The fat burning properties of a high intensity interval cardio is due to its ability to raise a person’s resting metabolic rate. Another study done by the Florida State University suggests the following: Subjects who performed high intense interval cardio exercise burned 10% more calories during the 24 hours post exercise than subjects who performed a steady state cardio exercise. How is this possible? Since it takes so much energy and effort to complete a high intensity interval training session, your body requires more energy to repair itself afterwards. It only makes sense because by increasing the intensity of any type of exercise will only increase the amount of work it takes to repair the body. Remember, high intensity interval training is just that, its high intense and it is very hard to complete. However, the results are undeniable; you will lose maximum amounts of fat and get into the best shape of your life. For those of you who are interested in maximum fat loss and building muscle, this may be a very important tip for you. Why not couple your high intense cardio sessions with high intense, compound movement weight training? Personally, this is probably your best way to gain maximum muscle mass while at the same time, keeping fat levels maintained or even burning fat.

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