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Pregnancy is a momentous phase in a woman’s life. Preparing for motherhood and at the same time feeling the baby grow inside the womb makes this a very special period of life. However some mothers need more care, understanding and support than others because they belong to a high risk group. Find out if you belong to the high risk group using our calculator. High risk pregnancy is harmful to both the mother and the fetus and can mean birth-defects, fetal deformity, miscarriage, still-birth or even worse, death of the mother. If your pregnancy falls in this category then consult your doctor and follow some of the advice that will appear in our result page.

NOTE: All the values of the calculators mentioned on website of DR MAHESH KUMARS MEDICAL INSTITUE PVT LTD are approximate and may not be exact always. Hence DR MAHESH KUMARS MEDICAL INSTITUE PVT LTD advices to all the visitors to consult your physician/doctor for any queries, doubts etc. on these calculators.

Ethnicity :
Age :
Height :
Weight before Pregnancy :
Pregnancy Details :
Did you indulge in smoking, alcohol or both during this pregnancy or before you became pregnant? :   Yes      No
Are you suffering from high blood pressure, pregnancy diabetes, anemia, HIV or associated diseases? :   Yes      No
Do you know if you are carrying more than one baby in this pregnancy? :   Yes      No
Did you have threatened abortion at any stage during this pregnancy? :   Yes      No
Did you have to go through abortion, stillbirth or intra-uterine death in your previous pregnancy? :   Yes      No