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What are the benefits of joining courses from medifitbiologicals?


We are completely Medical Based & introducing Medical knowledge in Fitness industry.

As we all know, over centuries, the Medical fraternity has maintained the high ethical standards & regarded as the Noble profession.

We feel, as the Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Anatomy, Physiology etc. which are taught in Fitness Courses are the topics from Medical fraternity, then, Fitness education is incomplete without Medical education or without Medical base in education.

Hence, Medical knowledge is must & mandatory to achieve Fitness education.

As we are medical based, this is one of the reason to join our Fitness Courses.



Many students from poor & middle class society have gained benefits due to our low fee structure of courses. We are proud and happy to deliver the noble job of giving Medical and fitness knowledge to poor and middle class society also.

As compared to other academies in India and World, our Fees are very low and competitive. All the fees are mentioned in Indian Rupees.



Our certificates are having LIFETIME VALIDITY. Means no need to renew the certificates every 2 or 3 years. For upgrading knowledge, we provide extra certificate for CME & Seminars.

Our aim is not to force students to come to our institute and pay fees for up gradation of Certificate, Knowledge. Students are given liberty to upgrade their knowledge from other institutes and we don’t make mandatory to upgrade from our institute.

Thousands of students all over world had complemented and appreciated our LIFETIME validity of Certificates.

This transparent, pure and crystal clear policy of our institute adds one more reason to join our courses.


We don’t charge taxes extra on our official fees. Means you save more than 12 % amount of taxes. All the official charges are inclusive of taxes. 12% saving on all products and services is a big deal.

We include the taxes in our official fees and pay from our treasury, which most of our competitors are not doing. Hence direct saving of 12%.