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The Baby Care

  • A new-born’s skin is ten times thinner than an adult’s and is easily prone to rashes and infections, one of the main culprit being wetness.
  • Diaper to help baby sleep dry and comfortable through the night
  • Diaper rash cream to soothe any rashes
  • Diaper changing mat
  • Baby wipes


The Baby’s Comfort & Style

  • Your baby’s clothes are for comfort and for making a cute statement too. Remember that all baby clothes should be of pure cotton and should have safe buttons and strings.
  • For bedtime, get cosy Night-suits
  • Thermal wear to keep baby warm


Exploring the World

  • As baby crosses the months and becomes more mobile, a few necessary products will assist you in taking baby out to explore the world around.
  • Car seats will become essential for baby’s outdoor time and safety
  • Walker will help baby inside the house as well
  • Bouncers are great to be able to carry a growing baby out and about


Fun & Learn

  • Toys are as much for playing as much as for aiding baby’s development and achieving the many milestones. Choose toys that have the following features:
  • Shapes
  • Encourage Sounds and lights
  • Help develop Motor and cognitive skills
  • Other learning toys Skills
  • Improve imagination, teach Rhythm




FirstCry recognizes the importance of breastfeeding and that this may be a new experience for you. We suggest the following to help make this special bonding-time with baby more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Feeding cloak to help ease any discomfort while feeding baby in public
  • For all the cleaning up after feeding pads would be of great use
  • Breast pumps to help pump out the milk
  • Breast-milk storage bottles to store milk for later use
  • Nipple protectors and formers to help baby latch on
  • Protect yourself from any infection with nipple creams
  • Provide comfort while feeding with nursing pillow
  • Tops to ease feeding



As baby begins top-feed, you’ll need

  • Feeding bottles and nipples for new borns
  • Bottle cleaning and sterilisation products to help keep them germ free
  • Formulas and supplements
  • Spoons
  • Bibs to keep meal times mess-free
  • During this transitional phase, baby will experience the discomforting and painful process of teething, and we suggest you check out some teethers and soothers to help comfort your little one.


Bath times

Are essentially fun times and we suggest the following to make it a tear-free and enjoyable part of the day:

  • Body washes to clean up baby
  • Creams and ointments to look after baby’s sensitive skin
  • Remember to pay special attention to the creases and dry them out properly. Also, as those first little pearls come out, remember to get a soft baby brush to brighten them up even more!

Happy baby  with  baby's wear


While you’re almost prepared, here’s a list of a few more handy things that you should ideally have in your home:

  1. Sanitizer
  2. Baby nail clippers
  3. Baby mittens to prevent baby from scratching face
  4. Cotton buds
  5. Baby thermometer
  6. Nappy Accessories
  7. Bed protector mats to protect bed from wetting
  8. Furniture edge & Electric socket guards
  9. Baby clothes detergent



  1. Breast pump
  2. Nursing bras
  3. Nursing tanks
  4. Breast Pads.
  5. Nipple cream, lanolin
  6. Nursing pillow
  7. Nursing cover.
  8. Bottles
  9. Nipples
  10. Cleaning brush
  11. Dishwasher basket
  12. Burp cloths
  13. Bibs
  14. Rocking chair



  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Diaper rash cream
  4. Diaper bags
  5. Changing table
  6. Changing pad.
  7. Pad covers.
  8. Cloths
  9. Portable changing pad


Bath/General Care

  1. Tub
  2. Washcloths
  3. Shampoo
  4. Hair brush
  5. Nail clippers.
  6. Towels
  7. Baby lotion
  8. Baby sunscreen.
  9. Digital thermometer.
  10. Baby laundry detergent
  11. Pacifiers



  1. Pajamas
  2. Muslin blankets
  3. Swaddles
  4. Crib
  5. Crib mattress
  6. Mattress protector
  7. Bed sheets
  8. White noise



  1. Portable chair
  2. Activity gym
  3. Oball
  4. Developmental toys
  5. Books



  1. 5 kimono shirts
  2. 10 onesies
  3. 5 footed
  4. 4 swaddling blankets
  5. 2 hats



  1. Infant car seat
  2. Car seat stroller frame
  3. Umbrella stroller (for 6+ months), great for travel
  4. Everyday stroller once they grow out the car seat/frame combo. Also a jogger
  5. Bundleme
  6. Sling or a carrier



  1. a nursing bra
  2. nipple cream
  3. plastic flip flops
  4. lagest pads
  5. lip balm
  6. toiletries
  7. shampoo
  8. an outfit
  9. cell phone charger
  10. camera