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Medifit Education strictly advice & recommend to avoid testosterone, because of the availability of upgraded molecules of testosterone – the Anabolic Steroids.

The androgenic properties in Testosterone are very high as compared to Anabolic steroids. So we recommend avoiding testo molecules, to prevent from getting more adverse effects of Androgenic properties.

It is a simple formula

Testosterone = Androgenic effects

Persons who are visiting website of Medifit Education should thoroughly have the knowledge of Androgenic properties of Testosterone molecule. Means if your are taking testosterone injection, you will also get following androgenic effects

In both girls and boys, puberty is associated with an increase in adrenal androgen production. This “adrenarche” contributes to pubertal maturation, particularly growth of axillary and pubic hair. Androgens also are needed for the development of the male  reproductive system. Males that have been castrated prior to adolescence and sexual maturity require injections of testosterone to develop functioning adult reproductive organs. Androgens given to normal males tend to increase the size of the reproductive organs. In contrast, castration performed on males that have already reached maturity causes the organs to shrink and to stop functioning. Androgens also are necessary for the formation of sperm cells and for the maintenance of sexual interest and behaviour.

Other effects of androgens on the male body are diversified. The growth of pubic hair and of facial and chest hair and the regression of scalp hair, or baldness, are influenced by androgens. During adolescence, androgens lengthen and thicken the male vocal cords, causing voice deepening; they also enhance bone growth and increase the number and thickness of muscle fibres in the male body. Other growth patterns that androgens stimulate are kidney weight and size, the increase of protein in bone tissue, the regeneration of red blood cells (erythrocytes), the presence of pigments in the skin, and the increased activity of sweat and sebaceous (oil-producing) glands.


Testosterone affects the male’s abilities to function sexually. Testosterone plays a role in fertility, libido, semen production, penile erection, and ejaculation, making procreation possible. Testosterone makes this process possible during puberty, and continues to control sexual function through the rest of your adult life.

Increase in sexual drive, the occurrence of acne vulgaris, increased body hair and increment of aggressive behaviour.


Male anatomy lateral view

The growth of primary sexual characteristics such as the penis and testes are mediated by testosterone both while the baby forms in the womb and during puberty.

Secondary sexual characteristics mediated by testosterone include deepening of the voice and growth of facial, armpit, chest and pubic hair.

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Avoiding TESTOSTERONE means avoiding above mentioned ANDROGENIC EFFECTS.

Testosterone administrating into body means dumping Androgenic effects in your body.

Always no to TESTOSTERONE.


By Medifit Education