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What is Alumni Verification ?

Alumni verification means the verification of the students who had completed various course/courses from Medifit Biologicals.

Alumni verification is the process of keeping the track record of past students. By keeping the track record of past students, Medifit Biologicals maintains strong relations with Alumni.

Verification of students and their certificates are necessary for employers and third parties or other agencies.

Former students of Medifit Biologicals are requested to collect their Alumni Privilege Card free of cost by contacting us. Former students are requested to apply for Alumni Verification process and Alumni Privilege Card, which are provided free of cost by management of Medifit Biologicals.

Complete electronic Alumni Verification system of Medifit Biologicals gives chance to all the students to get the employment in big corporates as their Fitness Certificates and resume gets verified in few minutes via ALUMNI PRIVILEGE CARD.

ALUMNI PRIVILEGE CARD helps to prevent frauds like duplicate certificate producing with the employers all over world.

Prospective employers, insurance providers or other agencies can request a verification of your enrollment by contacting Medifit Biologicals.

Third parties (prospective employers or other agencies) can verify the degree(s) that you earned from Medifit Biologicals

by visiting the website

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We reserve the right to refuse verification requests from commercial entities which are intended for profit (i.e., credit card companies etc).

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