8. Physiology Of Sport

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8. Physiology Of Sport



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1 Structure and Function of Exercising Muscle 27
Functional Anatomy of Skeletal Muscle 29
Skeletal Muscle and Exercise 37
2 Fuel for Exercise: Bioenergetics
and Muscle Metabolism 49
Energy Substrates 50
Controlling the Rate of Energy Production 52
Storing Energy: High-Energy Phosphates 54
The Basic Energy Systems 55
Interaction Among the Energy Systems 64
The Oxidative Capacity of Muscle 64
3 Neural Control of Exercising Muscle 69
Structure and Function of the Nervous System 70
Central Nervous System 78
Peripheral Nervous System 80
Sensory-Motor Integration 83
4 Hormonal Control During Exercise 91
The Endocrine System 92
Hormones 93
Endocrine Glands and Their Hormones: An Overview 96
Hormonal Regulation of Metabolism During Exercise 100
Hormonal Regulation of Fluid and Electrolytes During Exercise 104
5 Energy Expenditure and Fatigue 113
Measuring Energy Expenditure 114
Energy Expenditure at Rest and During Exercise 120
Fatigue and Its Causes 128

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function
6 The Cardiovascular System and Its Control 139
Heart 140
Vascular System 152
Blood 157
7 The Respiratory System and Its Regulation 163
Pulmonary Ventilation 164
Pulmonary Volumes 166
Pulmonary Diffusion 167
Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Blood 172
Gas Exchange at the Muscles 175
Regulation of Pulmonary Ventilation 177
8 Cardiorespiratory Responses to Acute Exercise 181
Cardiovascular Responses to Acute Exercise 182
Respiratory Responses to Acute Exercise 196

Exercise Training
9 Principles of Exercise Training 209
Terminology 210
General Principles of Training 212
Resistance Training Programs 214
Anaerobic and Aerobic Power Training Programs 220

10 Adaptations to Resistance Training 227

Resistance Training and Gains in Muscular Fitness 228
Mechanisms of Gains in Muscle Strength 228
Muscle Soreness and Cramps 237
Resistance Training for Special Populations 242

11 Adaptations to Aerobic and Anaerobic Training 247

Adaptations to Aerobic Training 248
Adaptations to Anaerobic Training 272
Specificity of Training and Cross-Training 275

Part III
Part II

Environmental Influences on Performance
12 Exercise in Hot and Cold Environments 283

Body Temperature Regulation 284
Physiological Responses to Exercise in the Heat 291
Health Risks During Exercise in the Heat 294
Acclimation to Exercise in the Heat 299
Exercise in the Cold 301
Physiological Responses to Exercise in the Cold 304
Health Risks During Exercise in the Cold 305

13 Exercise at Altitude 309

Environmental Conditions at Altitude 310
Physiological Responses to Acute Altitude Exposure 313
Exercise and Sport Performance at Altitude 317
Acclimation: Chronic Exposure to Altitude 319
Altitude: Optimizing Training and Performance 322
Health Risks of Acute Exposure to Altitude 325

Optimizing Performance in Sport
14 Training for Sport 333

Optimizing Training: A Model 334
Overtraining 338
Tapering for Peak Performance 345
Detraining 346

15 Body Composition and Nutrition for Sport 355

Body Composition in Sport 356
Nutrition and Sport 367

16 Ergogenic Aids and Sport 395

Researching Ergogenic Aids 397
Pharmacological Agents 399
Hormonal Agents 405
Physiological Agents 411
Nutritional Agents 417

Part V
Part IV

Age and Sex Considerations in Sport and Exercise
17 Children and Adolescents in Sport and Exercise 425

Growth, Development, and Maturation 426
Physiological Responses to Acute Exercise 430
Physiological Adaptations to Exercise Training 437
Motor Ability and Sport Performance 440
Special Issues 440

18 Aging in Sport and Exercise 447

Height, Weight, and Body Composition 449
Physiological Responses to Acute Exercise 452
Physiological Adaptations to Exercise Training 461
Sport Performance 463
Special Issues 465

19 Sex Differences in Sport and Exercise 471

Body Size and Composition 473
Physiological Responses to Acute Exercise 474
Physiological Adaptations to Exercise Training 480
Sport Performance 482
Special Issues 482

Physical Activity for Health and Fitness
20 Prescription of Exercise for Health and Fitness 499

Health Benefits of Exercise: The Great Awakening 500
Medical Clearance 501
Exercise Prescription 508
Monitoring Exercise Intensity 510
Exercise Program 516
Exercise and Rehabilitation of People With Diseases 518

21 Cardiovascular Disease and Physical Activity 521

Forms of Cardiovascular Disease 523
Understanding the Disease Process 527
Determining Individual Risk 530
Reducing Risk Through Physical Activity 533
Risk of Heart Attack and Death During Exercise 538
Exercise Training and Rehabilitating Patients With Heart Disease 539
22 Obesity, Diabetes, and Physical Activity 545

Obesity 546
Diabetes 565

Glossary 573
References 591
Index 608
About the Authors 620



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