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How Effective Does Your Fat-Burning Program Need to Be?
My New Solution for Millions of “Regular People”
What’s the Real Cause of the Body Fat Problem?
Whom This Book Is For
What You Can Expect from the Body Fat Solution
What You Must Give for the Body Fat Solution to Work for You

Part OneSetting the Stage
CHAPTER ONE •Body Fat: A New Understanding of the Problem
Who’s Really Right? What’s the Real Cause of Obesity?
The Body Fat Solution Three-Step Problem-Solving Formula
The True Causes of Body Fat and the Problems That Perpetuate

CHAPTER TWO •Body Fat Myths and Why We Believe Them
Question Everything
Eight Reasons We Are Susceptible to Weight-Loss Myths
The Eight Biggest Body Fat Myths
Be Careful: Cause and Effect Can Be Tricky
CHAPTER THREE •Attitudes and Beliefs That Set the Stage for
Attitude: Perception Is Reality
Re-framing with Words
Re-framing Meanings
Re-framing to Eliminate Excuses and Resolve Inner Conflicts
The Miraculous Power of Belief
What Are Beliefs?
How to Identify Limiting Beliefs

Challenging and Weakening the Old Limiting Beliefs
Installing New Success Beliefs
Seven Essential Success Attitudes and Beliefs That Make Change
Change Can Happen in an Instant
CHAPTER FOUR •Freedom from Emotional Eating
Why You Eat When You’re Not Physically Hungry
How to Tell the Difference Between Physical and Emotional
The Truth About Physical Hunger and Dietary Restraint
Stop “Waisting” Your Food
The A.W.A.R.E. Formula: Five Steps That End Emotional
Beliefs and the Power of Metaphor
Identifying and Replacing Beliefs About Food That Lead to
Emotional Eating
Four Core Beliefs That Highly Fit and Lean People Have About
Ten Beliefs and Affirmations About Food for Balance,
Happiness, and Long-term Success
The Importance of Appropriate Behavior
Belief Power Versus Willpower—No Contest

Part Two The Five Principles
CHAPTER FIVE •Mental Training Solution: Setting Goals and
Reprogramming Your Mind for Automatic Success
Your Brain: Goal-Seeking Supercomputer
The Real Secret to All Success
You Think Less Than You Think
Your Brain Works Faster Than You Can Think
Turning Positive Behaviors to “Autopilot” Mode
The Reticular Activating System—Your Brain’s “Important
Attention, Attraction, and the Unconscious Mind in Goal
Be Careful What You Ask For—You Just Might Get It

How Habits Are Developed and Strengthened
Goal Setting and Mental Reprogramming: A Scientific Approach
Programming Your Goal into Your Mind with Spaced Repetition
Eight Mental Training Tools to Program Your Unconscious Mind
for Success

CHAPTER SIX •The High-Low Nutrition Solution: How to Burn Fat
Automatically and Feel Fuller on Less Food
Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?
A Different Definition of Counting Calories
The Selective Reduction of Calories
The Macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat
The Ten Body Fat Solution Nutrition Rules
Body Fat Solution Nutrition in a Nutshell
CHAPTER SEVEN •The “E-Max” Fat-Burning Solution: Maximizing
Your Metabolism and Burning More Calories Twenty-four Hours a
The Diet-Versus-Exercise Debate Explained
Two Sides to the Fat-Burning Equation
The Four Factors of E-Max
The Critical Factor
The Six Points of Energy Expenditure
The Body Fat Solution Cardio Rx: What Kind, How Long, How
Often, How Hard, and Other Frequently Asked Questions
About Fat-Burning Exercise
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Cruise Control Cardio (HISS)
Does It Matter What You Burn? The Fat-Burning Zone
Do You Have to Do High-Intensity Exercise?
Do You Have to Exercise in One Long Session, or Can You Break
It Up?
Do You Need to Count How Many Calories You Burn?
Does It Matter When You Burn the Calories?
NEAT Ways to Burn More Fat
Do Whatever You Can…Right Now

CHAPTER EIGHT •The “Lean Muscle” Training Solution: Reshaping
Your Body and Getting Leaner with Weight Training
Why Weight Training Must Be Your Top Priority
Supersets: An Ideal Choice for Effective, Time-Efficient Fat-Loss
The Benefits of Full-Body Workouts
Dumbbells Are Not for Dummies
The Benefits of Body-Weight Training
Progressive Overload and Adaptation
How to Choose the Best Exercises
Warm-up and Joint Mobility
Repetition Maximums and How Much Weight to Lift
Your First Month of Training: The Preconditioning Phase
Your Second Month of Training: The Two-Phase System
Your Weekly Training Schedule
The Two-Cycle Break
Intermediate Training
Advanced Training and Beyond
The Exercises
CHAPTER NINE •The Social Support Solution: Recruiting Friends,
Family, Peers, and Mentors into Your Support Circle
The Social Influence Inventory: Who’s Influencing You?
Four Strategies to Deal with Negative Relationships
Five Types of Support You Need
Getting Support from Your Natural Social Network
Recruiting Support by Expanding Your Social Network
Why People Don’t Ask for Help
The R.E.A.C.H. Formula
Part Three Putting It All Together
CHAPTER TEN •Planning, Organizing, and Implementing: Focusing
on Priorities, Putting It All Together, and Getting Started Right
80-20: The Magic Formula for Achieving More by Doing Less
Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks
The Hierarchy of Nutrition
The Hierarchy of Training

Don’t Waste Time on Minutiae
Don’t the Details Matter Too?
Always Have a Plan—Never Wing It
Planning and Organizing Around Priorities
Daily and Weekly Scheduling
The Countdown Method
Menu Planning
Organizing Your Kitchen
Kitchen Essentials
Office Clean Sweep
Planning Trips to the Supermarket
Planning for Restaurant Eating
Planning Your Weekends
Planning for Holidays, Birthdays, and Special Occasions
Planning for Vacations and Travel
The Surefire Way to Implement New Habits and Lifestyle
CHAPTER ELEVEN •Keeping Score and Staying on Track: How to
Monitor Your Progress, Make Yourself Accountable, and Break Any
Staying on Track with Performance Feedback
How to Measure Your Body Fat
What About Body Fat Scales?
What’s an Ideal Level of Body Fat?
How to Set a Weekly Body Fat Goal
Body Mass Index and the “Skinny Fat” Syndrome
Waist and Other Body Circumference Measurements
Why You Should Weigh Yourself Often
Your First Week: Finding Your Baseline
Your Weekly Progress Chart
The Power of Accountability
Accountability on the Internet
Training Journals
Nutrition Journals
Dealing with Ups and Downs
Fat-Loss Plateaus and Why They Happen

Why the Last Ten Pounds Are So Hard to Lose
How to Break Any Fat-Loss Plateau
Results-Based Thinking: The Secret to Continuous Progress
CHAPTER TWELVE •Staying Lean and Staying Strong: Secrets of
Maintaining Your Perfect Weight for Life
The Relapse Problem
Avoid These Weight Relapse Mistakes
Listen to Maintainers, Not to Losers
The Ten Major Keys for Successful Lifelong Maintenance

Part Four Appendices
APPENDIX 1 •Stay Connected, Get Support, and Learn More at The
Body Fat Solution Online
APPENDIX 2 •Body Fat Solution Recommended Foods



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