60. Craniosacral Therapy

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60. Craniosacral Therapy



CATEGORY:Alternative Medicines 300 Courses


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Foreword xi
Why Craniosacral? 1
The Fluid Medium: CSF 3
Some History 3
Anatomy of the Cerebrospinal System 5
The Meninges and Subarachnoid Space 5
The Subdural Space 6
The Cisterns 6
The Ventricles 7
Our Liquid Core 8
Choroid Plexus 8
Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) 9
Formation of CSF 10
Non-Choroidal Production of CSF 10
Composition of CSF 11
CSF Ions 12
Conductive Medium 12
Some Other CSF Values 12
Drugs, Chemicals, and Toxins in CSF 12
The Blood Brain Barrier and Neurotransmitters 13
The Blood Brain Barrier and Pathogens 13
The Arachnoid Villi 14
Flow of Fluid in the CSF Fluid Space 14
Diffusion Between CSF and the Ependymal and Meningeal Surfaces 15
Brain Interstitial Fluid 16

Nutritive Function of CSF 16
“Lymphatic” Function of CSF 16
Hormonal Function in CSF 17
The Pieron Phenomenon 17
CSF Pressure 17
Papilledema 18
The Labyrinthine Perilymph and Endolymph 18
Relationship of CSF and Peripheral Nervous System 19
Shock Cushion 20
Sui-Hai-Ku: Brain Sea 20
The Craniosacral Membrane System 21
Cranial Meninges 22
Innervation of the Cerebral Dura Mater 23
Intracranial Membranes 23
Dural Tube 25
The Craniosacral Membrane: A Pump 26
The Dural Persona 27
The Craniosacral Skeleton 28
The Skull 28
The Teeth 29
The Sutures: Joints 29
The Orbits 30
The Palate 31
The Sutural Ligament 31
Sutural Proprioceptive Mechanism 32
The Sutural Bones 32
Mobilization of Sutural Restriction 32
Practice: Sutural Proprioceptive Response (Sutural Spread) 32
Non-Sutural Cranial Articulations 33
Vertebrae 33
The Atlas And Upper Cervical Mechanism 33
Sacrum And Coccyx 34
The Pelvis 34

The Craniosacral Rhythmic Impulse 35
The Fluid Model 35
Physiologic Motion: Motility 36

The Motile Effect of CRI on Neurons 36
The Phenomenon of Pulsation 37
Normal Physiologic Motion: Flexion and Extension 37
Cranial Flexion and Extension 37
Sphenobasilar Mechanism 38
Temporals 38
Sacral Flexion and Extension 39
Whole Body Flexion and Extension 39
Physiologic Motion as an Indicator of Adaptive Vitality 39
The Induction and Transmission of Wave Activity by Lesions 40
The World of Rhythm 41
The Clinical Significance of the Craniosacral Rhythm 41

The History of the Craniosacral Concept 43

Ebb and Flow 43
The Craniosacral Concept in Chiropractic 46
John Upledger 49

Stress Storage in the Membrane System 51

The Mechanism of Stress Storage in the Membrane Structure 52
Holding and Breakdown Patterns 53
Traumatically Induced Stress Vectors 54
Stress Patterns in the Craniosacral Membrane 55
Fixations 55
Releasing Stress Patterns 56

Reciprocal Tension 58
Practice 59
The Nature of Palpation 60

Passive and Active Palpation: The Fluid Nature of Rhythm 60
Palpating the Continuum: Gross to Subtle 61
Table 1: The Spectrum of Densities 61
Proprioceptive and Tactile Palpation 61
Table 2: Conscious Sensory Routes 63
The Vibratory Sense 63
The Blended Hand 63
Subjectivity in Palpation 64


Training the Senses 64
The Sensory Basis of Motor Function: The Long Loop 64
Selective Focus 65
Palpation of Poise 65
Practice: Proprioceptive Perception 65
Practice: Membrane Tension 66
Practice: Palpation of Poise and Rhythms on Self 66
Practice: Cranial Rhythm on a Subject 67

Fundamental Principles 68

Placing Your Hands 68
Projecting into the Body: “Dropping In” 68
Beginning to End 69
Dropping in to the Rhythm Fulcrum 69
The Listening Stations 70
Palpation of Rhythms 70
Palpating Tissue Tension, Fluid Pressure, and Rhythm 72
Practice: Proprioceptive Palpation at the Listening Stations 72
Restrictions to Normal Motion 73
Practice: The Fluidity of Tissue 73
Interpreting The Craniosacral Rhythm 74
Releasing Restrictions: Basic Concepts of Tissue Release 75
Borborygmus 76
Direct and Indirect Release 76
Energetic Release 76
Proprioceptive Listening 78
Direction of Energy 78
Practice: V-Spread 79
Still Point 79
Practice: Still Point Induction on the Cranium: CV4 80
Still Point Induction at the Feet 81

Unwinding 82

Spontaneous Release by Positioning 82
Unwinding 82
Practice: Unwinding 83
Practice: Unwinding the Thorax 85

The Dural Tube 86

The Vertebral Canal 86
Atlas and Upper Cervical Mechanism 87
Palpation and Mobilization of the Sacrum 88
Palpating the Dural Tube 88
Vertebral Restrictions 88
The Electrical Consequence of Spinal Torsion 89
The Facilitated Segment 90
Mobilizing the Tube 90
Practice: Traction of the Sacrum and Dural Tube 91

The Diaphragms: Cross Restrictions to the
Longitudinal Orientation of the Musculoskeletal System 92

Craniosacral Flexion 92
Practice: Diaphragm Release 92
Occipital Decompression 94

Cranial Adjusting 96

Vertical Intracranial Membrane Release: Falx 97
Practice: Frontal Lift (Anterior-Posterior Cranial Membrane Traction) 97
Practice: Parietal Lift (Superior-Inferior Cranial Membrane Traction) 98
Horizontal Intracranial Membrane Release: Tentorium Cerebelli 100
Practice: Sphenoid Lift (Anterior-Posterior Cranial Membrane Traction) 100
Practice: Temporal Ear Pull (Transverse Cranial Membrane Traction) 101
Temporal Rock 103
The Ten-Step Protocol 104
Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Medicine 105
Bibliography 109
Index 113



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