513. Clinical Oncology

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513. Clinical Oncology



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


FEES: 555/- INR only






SECTION ONE Head and Neck
Chapter 1 Head and Neck Cancer
Carter Van Waes, Karl E. Haglund, and Barbara A. Conley

Chapter 2 Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
Anish Thomas, Christina Brzezniak, and Giuseppe Giaccone
Chapter 3 Small Cell Lung Cancer
Jarushka Naidoo and Oscar S. Breathnach

SECTION THREE Digestive System
Chapter 4 Esophageal Cancer
Mark K. Doherty and Gregory D. Leonard
Chapter 5 Gastric Cancers
Ellie E. Chan and Thomas J. George, Jr.
Chapter 6 Biliary Tract Cancer
Nilay A. Shah and Jon Cardinal
Chapter 7 Primary Cancers of the Liver
Midhun Malla and David P. Cosgrove
Chapter 8 Colorectal Cancer
Jennifer M. Duff and Thomas J. George, Jr.
Chapter 9 Pancreatic Cancer
Austin Duffy, Christopher Ryan Heery, and Tim F. Greten
Chapter 10 Anal Cancer
Stephen Ko
Chapter 11 Other Gastrointestinal Tumors
Joleen M. Hubbard

Chapter 12 Breast Cancer
Brendan Curley, Hannah W. Hazard, Geraldine Jacobson, and Jame Abraham

SECTION FIVE Genitourinary
Chapter 13 Renal Cell Cancer
Ramaprasad Srinivasan, Inger Lerra Rosner, and W. Marston Linehan
Chapter 14 Prostate Cancer
Ravi A. Madan and William L. Dahut
Chapter 15 Bladder Cancer

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Andrea B. Apolo and William L. Dahut
Chapter 16 Testicular Carcinoma
Bamidele A. Adesunloye and Ravi A. Madan

SECTION SIX Gynecologic
Chapter 17 Ovarian Cancer
Jung-min Lee, Alexandre Buckley de Meritens, Dominic H. Moon, and Elise C. Kohn
Chapter 18 Endometrial Cancer
Anne M. Noonan and Christina M. Annunziata
Chapter 19 Cervical Cancer
Sharon Romano Fitzgerald, Michael P. Stany, and Chad A. Hamilton
Chapter 20 Vulvar Cancer
Anne M. Noonan and Christina M. Annunziata

SECTION SEVEN Musculoskeletal
Chapter 21 Sarcomas and Malignancies of the Bone
Patrick J. Mansky and Lee J. Helman

Chapter 22 Skin Cancers and Melanoma
Upendra P. Hegde and Sanjiv S. Agarwala

SECTION NINE Hematologic Malignancies
Chapter 23 Acute Leukemia
Aaron Cumpston and Michael Craig
Chapter 24 Chronic Lymphoid Leukemias
Chaitra S. Ujjani and Bruce D. Cheson
Chapter 25 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Sairah Ahmed and Muzaffar H. Qazilbash
Chapter 26 Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Yogen Saunthararajah
Chapter 27 Multiple Myeloma
Preet Paul Singh and Shaji K. Kumar
Chapter 28 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Clifton Mo, Mark Roschewski, Kieron Dunleavy, and Wyndham Wilson
Chapter 29 Hodgkin Lymphoma
Mehdi Hamadani and Elaine S. Jaffe
Chapter 30 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Abraham S. Kanate, Michael Craig, and Richard W. Childs

SECTION TEN Other Malignancies
Chapter 31 Carcinoma of Unknown Primary
Hung T. Khong
Chapter 32 Central Nervous System Tumors
Christopher Ryan Heery and Teri Kreisl
Chapter 33 Endocrine Tumors
Ann W. Gramza

SECTION ELEVEN Supportive Care

Chapter 34 Hematopoietic Growth Factors
Joseph Woong Kim, Nishith K. Singh, and Philip M. Arlen
Chapter 35 Infectious Complications in Oncology
Mauricio Burotto Pichún, Sarah Read, and Juan C. Gea-Banacloche
Chapter 36 Oncologic Emergencies and Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Govardhanan Nagaiah, Quoc Truong, and Manish Monga
Chapter 37 Psychopharmacologic Management in Oncology
Donald L. Rosenstein, Maryland Pao, Sheryl B. Fleisch, and Daniel E. Elswick
Chapter 38 Management of Emesis
David R. Kohler
Chapter 39 Medical Nutrition Therapy
Marnie G. Dobbin
Chapter 40 Pain and Palliative Care
Eric G. Bush and Anne Berger
Chapter 41 Central Venous Access Device
Uzer Khan and Hannah W. Hazard

SECTION TWELVE Common Office Procedures and Other Topics
Chapter 42 Procedures in Medical Oncology
Kerry Ryan, George L. Carter, and Suzanne G. Demko
Chapter 43 Diagnosis-Driven Individualization of Cancer Care
Philippe C. Bishop, Chris Bowden, Garret Hampton, and Lukas Amler
Chapter 44 Basic Principles of Radiation Oncology
Deborah Citrin
Chapter 45 Clinical Genetics
Julie Nangia, Annie Su, and Sarah Zentack
Chapter 46 Anticancer Agents
Lindsay C. Stansfield and Thomas E. Hughes
APPENDIX 2 Answers to Review Questions



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