51. Football Coaching Strategies

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51. Football Coaching Strategies



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Key to Diagrams ix

Run Offense
Brcad-and-Butt€r Running Plays
Big PlayB From the I-Formation
Running Options From the I-Forrnation
The Freeze Option Series
The Wishbone-T Triple Option
Wishbone Trap and Trap Option Package
The Flexbone Offense
The Double Wing-T Package
Pass Offense
Conbolling the Ball With the PaBs
A Simple and Flexible Passing Game
Making Pass Pattern Adjustments
The Three-Step Passing Game
Spreading’Em Around and Airing It Out
Passing First and Passing Deep
Identifying Fronts and Coverages
Key Indicators for Quaderbacks
kotecting the Passer
Blocking the Blitz
Run and Pass Ollonse
Mixing the Run and the Pass
Keeping the Defense Honest
The Air Option Otrense
Attacking the 46 Defense
Situational Offense
Passing on Third Down
Passing in the Frigid Zone
Hang Loose, One ofUs IB Fixin’to Scorc
Fast-Break, 2-Minute Offense
Pass Plays for the Final Drive

John McKaJ
Tom hborne
Roy Kidd
Dich MacPherson
Daftell RoJal
Charlb Taaffe
Fisher DeBerry
Har old “Tubbr’ Ray mond.

BiLl Walsh
Herb Meyer
Lavell Ed.uads
Steue Spurrier
Jim Sweeney
Ra! Dorr
Latal Little
Jach Bichnell

DaL)id Rdder
Gary MoeLler
Homer Rice
Homer Smith

Pohex Allen
Ti Murph!
Bobby Bowden
Phillip Fulmer
Jach EIUaJ


Team Defense
Setting Up a Successful Defense
A Fundamental Approach to Defense
Switching From the 50 to the 43 Defense
Using a Multiple Attack Defense
The Wrecking Crew Defense
The Eagl€ Defense
Adjusting the Eagle Defense
Emphasis on Defense
Stopping the Run Witb a 7:6 Advantage
Stopping the wishbone
Getting Linebacke4 lo the Point ofAttack
Getting Run Support From the Secondary
The Stunting 4-3 Front
Slanting Def€nse for an Advantage
Coaching the Front Seven in the 50 Defense
Defending Again8t the Pass
Making the Secondary Primary
Defending Against the Run and-Shoot
Applyins Pressurc Without the Risk
Simple Coverages Veruus Complex Passing

Dich Tomey
Barry AlLtarez
Grunt Tealf
PauI TidwetL
R.C. Slocum
BiLL Dooler
Rochy Hager

Dar)e WanBtedt
Dennis Green
Hayden Fry
Georse Pertes
Chuch Broyles
Ron Schipper
Jerry Sandusky
BiUr Joe
DeL WiEht

Dich Sheridan

Kicking for the Winning Edse
Developing a Complete KickoffRetum Package
Protecting and Covering From a Spread
Punt Formation
Making a Commitment to Special Teams
Kickins Game Gimmicks That Work
Pressudns the Punter
Blocking Kicks and Punts

Spike fuhes
BilU Sexton
bm Cou€hlin

Sparky lYood.s
Chuch Atuato and Jim Gladden

Pfrilosophy, Motivation, and llanagement

The Value ofFootball
Prioriti$ of Coachrng
The Game and Coaching
Taking Care ofthe Game
Iffights Into coaching
Putting Together a Winning Program
Things I’ve Leamed From Coaching
Fifty-Plus Years of Coaching Football
Motivation-The Difference-Maker in Coaching
Getting Your Team R€ady to Play
Tlming a Progtam Around
Coaching Duties and Opportunities
Coaching PhilGophy and Objectives
Ihe Amedcan Football Coaches A$ociatron

Bill Mccartnq
BiU Cuny
Gro.nt Teaff
Charlic Mcclznd.on
Woodt Hayes
Bo Sctumbechler
Ed.d.iz Robinson
lPe Corco
I(en Eatfizln
Glen Mdson
Bill Snydzr
Don Nehl.en



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