301. Integral Qigong And Tai Chi Training

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301. Integral Qigong And Tai Chi Training



CATEGORY:Alternative Medicines 300 Courses


FEES: 555/- INR only





Welcome to the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher Training 5
Acknowledgments 6
The Map of the Qigong and Tai Chi Universe 7

Integral Qigong: Methodology and Forms 21
About Integral Qi Cultivation 22
Focus of Integral Qi Cultivation — The Qigong State 23
The Characteristics of the Qi Sensation 26
Keys to Integral Qi Cultivation 27
The Foundation of Integral Qi Cultivation — The Three Intentful Corrections 28
Mind-Body MAX 31
Universal Principles of Qi Cultivation 32
Integral Qigong Practice Guidelines 33
Primordial Forces Generate Tai Chi [Illustration] 35
Qi Matrix [Illustration] 36
Table – The Three Treasures and Integral Qigong 37
Integral Qigong Practices 38
Mind Affirmations for Ten Phase Integral Qigong 39
Song of the Ten Phases of Cultivation and Mastery of Qi 40
Ten Minute Tune Up 41
Rapid Neurotransmitter Proliferation (RNP) 42
Marrow Washing 43
Daoist Medicine Wheel 45
Qi Collection Meditation: Acknowledgment of the Source 46
Three Levels of Mind 47

Integral HeartMind Energetics 49
The Energy Spectum 50
Scale of Emotional States 52
Scale of Motivations According to Maslow and Modified 53
by Zohar and Marshall
Map of Consciousness 54

Integral Tai Chi: Methodology and Forms 55
The Integral Tai Chi Method 56
The Phases of Presentation of Integral Tai Chi 57
Full Integral Tai Chi Sequence and Suggested Tai Chi EasyTM Sequence 58

Integral Tai Chi: Methodology and Forms
The Tai Chi EasyTM Practices 59
Tai Chi Modifications 60
Using the Baskets of Practice Methods for Tai Chi EasyTM 62
Aligning, Opening and Closing for Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Sequences 66
Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Opening Sequence 68
Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Closing Sequence 69
Tai Chi EasyTM Movement 1 — Harmonizing Yin and Yang 70
Tai Chi EasyTM Movement 2 — Brush Knee, Send Qi 72
Tai Chi EasyTM Movement 3 — Cutting the Path to Clarity 75
Tai Chi EasyTM Movement 4 — Watching Clouds Pass 77
Tai Chi EasyTM Movement 5 — Gathering Heaven and Earth 79
Tai Chi Sensing Hands 81

Integral Qigong and Tai Teacher Resources 85
Bell Curve 86
The Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher’s Secret 87
Teacher Profile 93
Presentation Feedback: A Model for Giving and Receiving Feedback 94
What is Your Learning Style? 95
Learning Styles and Strategies 96
Learning Styles and Making Your Learning Styles Work for You 100
What is Multiple Intelligence? 102

Medical-Therapeutic Qigong and Tai Chi 105
Physiological Mechanisms Triggered by Qigong and Yoga/Pranayama 106
Yang Heaven, Yin Earth, and the Myriad of Things 107
Beneficial Acupressure Points 109
EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques 114
The Complete EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Protocol 115
Tapping the Points 117
Tapping Primordial Qi 121
Qi (Chi) Channels — Acupuncture Meridians 124
Clock of Energy Circulation 128
Six Healing Sounds 129



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