229. Trampoline-Gymnasts

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229. Trampoline-Gymnasts



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Declarations ii
Acknowledgements iii
Abstract iv
Contents v
List of figures viii
List of tables ix
Glossary of terms and abbreviations x
Chapter One: Introduction
Embodying the journey
Trampoline bodies
The thesis

Chapter Two: Review of Literature
Part I
The body in society
The body as a sociological concern
Embodied approaches: Body, self and identity
Erving Goffman’s manageable bodies
Frank’s bodies in action
Bodies, narrative and stories
Narrative inquiry in sport, exercise and health
Gendered bodies
A summary of the theoretical perspective
Part II
Sporting selves and identities
Identity construction and confirmation in sport
Disrupted body-selves in sport: Injury, ageing and retirement
Gendered identities in sport
The gymnastic body
The gymnastic body in crisis
Outlining the research problem

Chapter Three: Methodology
Qualitative research
Paradigms and perspectives
The research design
Characteristics of qualitative inquiry
Narrative inquiry
Narrative ethnography: A methodology
Sampling and access
Data collection

Ethnographic observations
In-depth interviews and focus groups
Diaries and written accounts
Data analysis
Thematic narrative analysis
Structural analysis of narrative types
Performative analysis
Data representation
A summary of the research process
Judgement criteria for qualitative research
Ethical considerations
Voluntary informed consent
Disclosure and anonymity
Working with children and young people
A summary of the ethical stance

Chapter Four: Setting the Scene
Journeying through trampoline careers
Recreational classes
Trampoline club
Competition arenas

Chapter Five: ‘Newbies’: The Construction of Gymnastic Bodies
Entering trampoline club: Selection, recruitment and initial ideas
Non-trampoline bodies and immediate rejection
Socialisation into the trampoline club
Creating opportunities to ‘fit in’: Formal socialisation mechanisms
‘Us and them’: Informal socialisation mechanisms
Fitting in
Narratives of acceptance: Role-identity and competition performances
‘Finding their feet’: Narratives of role identity
‘It’s horrible’: First experience of competition arenas
Ostracism and difference: Experiences of problematic integration

Chapter Six: ‘I am a Gymnast’: Lived Experiences of the Trampoline-gymnast
‘I belong’: Bodies, selves and identities
‘I look like a gymnast’: Body (re)construction
‘I behave like a gymnast’: Body performances
‘I love to fly’: Embodied sensations
‘Others see me as a gymnast’: Roles, position and status
Judgement of the trampoline body: A singular, dominant aesthetic
‘Clothes hide a lot, a leotard doesn’t!’ The leotard aesthetic
‘Everyone is looking at me’: Experiences of judgement

A disrupted body-self: Experiences of the pubescent trampoline body
Private narratives of female puberty
Missing narratives of male puberty
Stories of negotiation: Body matters in trampoline-gymnastics
‘I feel naked’: Body consciousness
‘I hate my body’: Body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem
‘I’ll punish my body until it conforms’: Weight-control Behaviours
Desirable bodies: A sexualised body-self

Chapter Seven: Looking to Retirement: Possible Future Selves and Identities in
‘This isn’t for me’: Early exits from the trampoline group
‘It’s just not cool anymore’: (Failed) Male stories of negotiating gender
‘Everything has changed’: Institution-led restructures
‘My body hurts’: Disrupted body-selves, injury and ageing
‘I will get better’: Catastrophic injuries, restitution narratives and long-term
‘I just carry on’: (Hidden) injuries, pain and ageing
Possible future selves and identities
‘Hanging on’: A feared self
The ‘gymnast-turned-coach’: Preferred selves and a perpetual gymnast-coach
‘On to new pastures’: Looking to alternative selves and identities

Chapter Eight: Discussion and Conclusion
‘Bring bodies back in’
Frank and Goffman: Combining theoretical lenses
Coming to understand experiences of sporting bodies: A conceptual model
Contributing to knowledge: Lived experiences in trampoline-gymnastics
Autonomy and limited options for self-identity
Limited body narratives
Letting stories breathe
Being in the field: Reflections on ethnography
Observing logistical nightmares
Experiencing stories: Personal reflections of being in the field
Directions for future research
Final reflections

References 317
Appendices 337



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