215. Essentials Of Insight Meditation Practice

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215. Essentials Of Insight Meditation Practice



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Preface xii
1 Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation 3
Body Contemplation
as Foundation of Mindfulness 4
Feeling Contemplation
as Foundation of Mindfulness 4
Consciousness Contemplation
as Foundation of Mindfulness 4
Mental Object Contemplation
as Foundation of Mindfulness 5

2 Basic Preparatory Instructions 9

Tranquillity and Insight Meditation 9
True Happiness and False Happiness 10
The Nature of Mindfulness 11
Meditation Retreat 13
Walking Process 13
Sitting Meditation 18
Other Daily Activities 23

3 Practical Aspects of Satipatthana Practice 25

Mindfulness 26
Mindfulness of the Body 28
Mindfulness of Feelings 35
Mindfulness of Consciousness 37
Mindfulness of Mental Objects 39

4 Mindfulness of the Body (Kayanupassana) 47
5 Mindfulness of the Feelings (Vedananupassana) 55

Unpleasant Feelings 55

6 Mindfulness of Consciousness & Mental Objects
(Cittanupassana & Dhammanupassana) 63
The Hindrances 64
The Senses 67
The Importance of Noting Intention 68
The Mindfulness Journey 71
Non-self and the Discontinuity of Consciousness 73
Priority of Mindfulness 75

7 Five Hindrances 79

Sloth and Torpor 80
Restlessness and Worry 83
Preliminary Concentration Meditations 84

8 Priority of Objects 87

Systematic Noting & Choiceless Awareness 87
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness 92

9 The Five Controlling Faculties 95

The Five Controlling Faculties 95
Concentration and Energy 97
How do You Balance the Five Controlling Faculties 100
Balancing of Faculties is Dynamic 105
As We Progress in Meditation 106

10 Balancing the Five Controlling Faculties 109

The Balancing of Energy and Concentration 109
The Balancing of Faith and Wisdom 113
Ways of Balancing the Faculties
of Energy and Concentration 116

11 Sharpening the Faculties 125

Nine Ways of Sharpening the Faculties 125
Other Ways that Can Help to Sharpen or
Mature the Faculties 135
Meghiya Sutta 139
The Seven Points 140

12 Types of Concentration 143

Right and Wrong Concentration 144
Important Aspects of Concentration 145
Two Different Paths 145
Specific Types and Nature of Concentration
in Samatha and Vipassana Concentration 147
Vipassana 149
Experiencing the Different Stages of Vipassana 150
Noting Moment-to-Moment to Experience Reality 153
The Uniqueness of Vipassana Concentration 153
Levels of Jhanas in Samatha Meditation 154
Levels of Insight in Vipassana Meditation 155
Aspects of Skills Involved in Concentration
Meditation 155

13 The Salient Differences Between Tranquillity and
Insight Meditation 161
Mindfulness to Distinguish Between
Right and Wrong Concentration 161
Samatha and Vipassana 162
Samatha Bhavana and Vipassana Bhavana 163
The Progression in Samatha Bhavana 164
Anapanasati 166
The Progression of the Anapana Object 167
The Progression of the Vipassana Object 169
Summary 173

14 Understanding Insight 177

Insight and Understanding 177
Development of Insight 180
What is a Concept? 181
Mindfulness 183
Insight Knowledges 185

15 Insight Knowledges in Brief 191

Insight into the Three Universal Characteristics 192
The True Nature of Reality 194
Suffering 195

The Different Levels of Insight Knowledge 198
The Main Aim is Purification 200
Things to Watch Out For 200
The Ten Imperfections of Insight 201
You May Meet with Difficult Situations 202
Three Models in the Progress of Meditation 203
A Word on Nibbana 204
One Last Word 206

16 Wilderness of the Mind 209

The Five Callousities 210
The Five Shackles 215
Next Steps to Progress in the Dhamma and Vinaya 221
Four Bases of Success for Spiritual Accomplishment 221

17 Important Points to Vipassana Progress 225

Morality 225
Buddhist Metaphysics 226
Ways to Improve our Practice 227
Concentration 228
Other Important Factors 230

18 Living on the Edge: Mindfulness in Daily Life 235

Readjustment 235
Floods of Defilements 236
Keeping Afloat 236
Living on the Edge 242
Summary 246

A Five Hindrances (Nivarana) 249

Sensual Desire 250
Ill-will 253
Sloth and Torpor 256
Restlessness and Remorse 258
Sceptical Doubts 261
Summary 261

B Concept and Reality 265

C Dilemmas Along the Journey 275

Why Complications Arise 275
The Four Guardian Meditations 284
Sustaining Practice 285

D Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises 287
E The Foundations of Mindfulness 299

The Contemplation of the Body 300
The Contemplation of Feeling 305
The Contemplation of Consciousness 306
The Contemplation of Mental Objects 307

Recommended Reading 317
Website to Theravada Buddhism/Vipassana 317
Insight Meditation Centres in Malaysia and Singapore 318



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