273. Clinical And Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology

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273. Clinical And Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology

273. Clinical And Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology



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Comment on “vaginal bilateral cervical lips suture in combination with intrauterine Foley catheter to
arrest postpartum hemorrhage”
S. Matsubara – Tochigi, JAPAN
Holding the cervix by sponge forceps may effectively prevent intrauterine balloon prolapse.

Pre-eclampsia and the vascular endothelial growth factor: a new aspect
A. Liberis, G. Stanulov, E. Chafouz Ali, A. Hassan, A. Pagalos, E.N. Kontomanolis – Alexandroupolis, GREECE
The interaction between vascular endothelial growth factor, its receptor, and pre-eclampsia is investigated.

Reproductive Biology Section
Intravenous intralipid therapy is not beneficial in having a live delivery in women aged 40-42 years with
a previous history of miscarriage or failure to conceive despite embryo transfer undergoing in vitro
fertilization-embryo transfer
J.H. Check, D.L. Check – Camden, NJ, USA
Intralipid failed to improve fecundity in women aged 40-42 with a history of miscarriage or IVF failure.
General Section
HDLive ultrasound images of ovarian dermoid cysts: diagnostic accuracy
F. Bonilla-Musoles, C. Cadete, F. Raga, F. Bonilla Jr., N.G. Osborne, O. Caballero – Valencia, SPAIN
The different pathognomonic 2D/3D images of benign ovarian cystic teratoma are described using the new high density real time
ultrasound mode.
The effects of melatonin on endometriotic lesions induced by implanting human endometriotic cells in
the first SCID-mouse endometriosis-model developed in Turkey
N. Yesildaglar, G. Yıldırım, O.K. Yıldırım, R. Attar, F. Ozkan, H. Akkaya, B. Yilmaz – Istanbul, TURKEY
The results of an experimental study on melatonin as a possible therapy for endometriosis are reported.
Contents Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology – Vol. XLIII, no. 1, 2016


Laparoscopic surgery improves pregnancy outcomes in women with suspected endometriosis with or
without pathological confirmation
P.B. Miller, R.F. Savaris, D.A. Forstein, C.E. Likes, C. Nichols, L.J. Cooper, B.A. Lessey – Greenville, SC, USA
Histologic confirmation of endometriosis after laparoscopic surgery and its impact on the improvement of pregnancy rates are verified.
Uterine contractility as a cause of amniotic band syndrome
A. Galvan Montaño, H. Rios, L. Armijo, M.L. Suárez Roa, E. Ureta, A. Perez Gonzalez – Mexico City, MEXICO
External agents, as uterine contractions, can be responsible for the anomalies developed during the second trimester of pregnancy
Predictive value of biochemical marker ADAM-12 at first trimester of pregnancy for hypertension and
intrauterine growth restriction
C. Kasimis, N. Evangelinakis, M. Rotas, M. Georgitsi, N. Pelekanos, D. Kassanos – Athens, GREECE
Maternal serum levels of ADAM-12 during the first trimester of pregnancy in women who later develop preeclampsia are
significantly lower.
Pregnancy after heart surgery – challenges
S. Plešinac, I. Pilić, I. Babović – Belgrade, SERBIA
The management of pregnancies after heart surgery is discussed.
Experience of assisted reproductive technology at King Abdulaziz University Hospital
H.S.O. Abduljabbar, S.T. Djamil, N.N. Sahly, D.S. Sawan, G.S. Ashour, A. Abduljabbar – Jeddah, KINGDOM
The analysis of techniques and results of reproductive assisted fertilization is reported.
Follow-up observational study of “bi-ring method” breast surgery for treating hypermastia and mastoptosis
X.Y. Shan, X.M. Huang, M.S. Wang, H.B. Zheng, Z.L. Liu, B. Wang – Fuzhou, CHINA
The efficacy and patient satisfaction of “bi-ring method” breast surgery for hypermastia and mastoptosis are investigated.
Fetal ventriculomegalies during pregnancy course, outcome, and psychomotor development of born
J. Dukanac Stamenkovic, M. Steric, L. Srbinovic, T. Janjic, S. Vrzic Petronijevic, M. Petronijevic, A. Cetkovic –
Belgrade, SERBIA
A case series of patients with pregnancy complicated by ventriculomegaly is reported.
Correlation of twisting motion phase and infantile spasms in high risk infants
Y.Q. Wang, Z.X. Yang, P. Zhu, G.X. Gu – Xuzhou, CHINA
The relation between twisting motion phase and infantile spasm is investigated.
Expression and significance of ERβ and TrkB in endometriosis
X. Yu, H. Ren, T. Liu, M. Yong, H. Zhong – Dalian, CHINA
The potential pathogenesis of endometriosis may be linked to ERβ expression.
Histopathology of ipsilateral and contralateral ovaries and plasma interleukin 6 levels after unilateral
ovarian torsion
L. Karakoc-Sokmensuer, S. Hacivelioglu, A. Demir, M. Köse, F.F. Kaymaz, D.U. Cakir, G. Bozdag – Ankara,
The time-dependent histopathological changes in both ovaries and the time-dependent levels of plasma interleukin 6 after
unilateral ovarian torsion are evaluated.
The impact of chorionicity and type of conception on maternal-neonatal outcome in twin pregnancies
S. D’Arpe, S. Franceschetti, M.G. De Stefano, R. D’Amelio, A.M. Maragno, M. Candelieri, L. Muzii,
P. Benedetti Panici – Rome, ITALY
Maternal and neonatal outcomes in twin pregnancies are compared in relation to chorionicity and type of conception.
Comparison of mechanical artificial shrinkage methods in mouse blastocyst vitrification
J.K. Joo, J.E. Jeong, S.C. Kim, C.W. Kim, G.R. Ko, K.S. Lee – Busan, KOREA
Direct aspiration of blastocoelic fluid was considered a convenient method for artificial shrinkage in process of blastocyst vitrification.

4 Contents
The possible role of serum leptin in preeclampsia
Y. Doster, B. Cetinkaya Demir, M.A. Atalay, E.E. Durusoy, S. Kucukkomurcu – Bursa, TURKEY
The value of serum leptin levels in pregnancy complicated with eclampsia is investigated.
Effect of pregnancy-specific stress on spontaneous preterm birth among Chinese people
X.L. Qu, W.J. Zhu, W.Q. Chen, Y.Y. Cui, P. He, Z.H. He, Z.L. Wang – Guangzhou, CHINA
Spontaneous preterm delivery associated with high level of pregnancy-specific stress was more frequent compared to low and
medium levels.

Chronic unremitting lower abdominal pain quickly abrogated following treatment with amphetamine
J.H. Check – Camden, NJ, USA
Dextroamphetamine sulfate treatment completely abrogated unexplained lower abdominal pain of 30 years’ duration.
Increased tissue permeability and sympathetic nervous system hypofunction may be the common link
between dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, Mittelschmerz, and Crohn’s disease
J.H. Check – Camden, NJ, USA
Pathophysiologic events occurring at mid-cycle may be related to hormonal changes increasing tissue permeability with
absorption of unwanted chemicals.
Comparison of efficacy of different embolic agents on uterine leiomyoma
Y. Mu, Y. Wang, M. Li, Y. Hu, Z. Hao – Baotou, Inner Mongolia, CHINA
Different embolic agents for uterine leiomyoma embolization are compared.
Dextroamphetamine sulfate treatment eradicates long-term chronic severe headaches from
temporomandibular joint syndrome – a case that emphasizes the role of the gynecologist in treating
headaches in women
J.H. Check – Camden, NJ, USA
The gynecologist, who is most familiar with disorders related to sympathetic nervous system, should intervene in treating chronic
refractory headaches.
Failure of laparoscopic Vecchietti procedure in a woman with androgen insensitivity syndrome
D. Sawan, N. Sahly, H. Abduljabbar, A.A. Rouzi – Jeddah, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA
Androgen insensitivity syndrome negatively influences the outcome of Vecchietti procedure for neovagina.
Intra-amnial methotrexate in cervical pregnancy treatment
M. Stefanović, P. Vukomanović, R. Kutlešić, J. Popović, D. Janošević-Radović, J. Milošević Stevanović –
A conservative approach with intra-amnial methotrexate infusion for cervical pregnancy is described.
Laparoscopic temporary clipping of uterine and ovarian arteries for the treatment of interstitial ectopic
C. Kart, S. Guven, E.S. Guvendag Guven – Trabzon, TURKEY
A new technique for the treatment of interstitial pregnancy is described.
Incarceration of gravid uterus by growing subserosal myoma: case report
S.C. Kim, Y.J. Lee, J.E. Jeong, J.K. Joo, K.S. Lee – Busan, KOREA
Surgical approach during the second trimester of pregnancy for incarcerated fibromatous uterus is described.
Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy due to giant uterine fibroids: a case report
J.Y. Ruan, H.Q. Chen, Y.H. Gong, G. Shi, H. Wang – Chengdu, CHINA
The management of a giant uterine fibroid is discussed.

Contents 5
Holt Oram syndrome: a case report and review of the literature 137
G. Virdis, M. Dessole, S. Dessole, G. Ambrosini, E. Cosmi, P.L. Cherchi, G. Capobianco – Sassari, ITALY
A case of Holt Oram syndrome and review of the literature are presented.
Medical management of cesarean scar pregnancy at advanced age: case report and literature review
Ö. Birge, C. Karaca, D. Arslan, E. Kinali – Nyala, SUDAN
Successful treatment with methotrexate in a case of cesarean scar pregnancy is reported.
Urinary catheterization as a successful treatment option for post-cesarean section vesicouterine fistula
A.A. Rouzi, N. Sahly, N. Mansouri, K. Khashoggi, L. Ashkar – Jeddah, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA
To avoid surgical treatment for vesicouterine fistula after cesarean section, catheterization is the best choice.
Acute intestinal obstruction due to a non-involuted uterus after cesarean section: case report
K. Karaman, M. Ercan, H. Demir, M. Yener Uzunoglu, S. Bostanci – Sakarya, TURKEY
The management of a case of acute intestinal obstruction after cesarean section is discussed.
Correlation of serum albumin with the clinical features and prognosis of preterm neonates in the neonatal
intensive care unit
C.Y. Yang, B.Y. Li, P. Xu, Y.J. Yang, Q.Z. Yang – Liaocheng, CHINA
Adverse outcome in preterm infants may be linked to maternal low albumin levels.
Combination of selected biochemical markers and cervical length in the prediction of impending preterm
delivery in symptomatic patients
M. Hadži-Lega, A. Daneva Markova, M. Stefanovic, M. Tanturovski – Skopje, REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA
The usefulness of different biochemical markers in the prediction of preterm delivery is evaluated.
Severe antenatal strangulation and sudden fetal death occurs in term: case report
D.B. Mian, J. Konan, K.C. Kouakou, V. Angoi, E. Gbary, C. Itoua – Abidjan, REPUBLIC OF COTE D’IVOIRE
A case of a sudden antenatal death by severe strangulation is reported.



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