256. Evidence-Based Obstetrics And Gynecology

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256. Evidence-Based Obstetrics And Gynecology

256. Evidence-Based Obstetrics And Gynecology



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List of contributors, ix
1 Evidence-based medicine in obstetrics and gynecology, 1
Jeanne-Marie Guise
Section 1 Gynecology
David L. Keefe
General Gynecology
2 Abnormal menstrual bleeding, 13
Cynthia Farquhar and Julie Brown
3 Termination of pregnancy, 21
Richard Lyus and Patricia A. Lohr
4 Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, 33
Celso Silva and Anita Patel
5 Pelvic pain, 49
Jane Moore
6 Genital tract infections, 55
Veronica Ades
7 Uterine fibroids, 63
David L. Kulak and James H. Segars
8 Endometriosis and adenomyosis, 75
Maria Victoria Vargas and Kathy Huang
9 Contraception and sterilization, 89
Rasha S. Khoury and Danielle M. Roncari
10 Pelvic floor prolapse/urinary incontinence, 101
Scott W. Smilen, Kimberley Ferrante, Dianne Glass, and Dominique Malacarne
Reproductive endocrinology and infertility
11 Amenorrhea, 109
A. Reza Radjabi and David L. Keefe
12 Polycystic ovarian syndrome, 117
Lubna Pal and Shefali Pathy

13 Recurrent pregnancy loss, 131
H. J. A. Carp
14 Unexplained infertility, 145
Anne-Sophie Boes, Diane De Neubourg, Karen Peeraer, Carla Tomassetti, Christel Meuleman,
and Thomas D’Hooghe
15 Menopause and HRT, 155
Jenna Friedenthal, Frederick Naftolin, Lila Nachtigall, and Steven Goldstein
Gynecologic oncology
16 Cervical cancer, 165
Jovana Y. Martin, Britt K. Erickson, and Warner K. Huh
17 Vulval/vaginal cancer, 173
Jessica Lee and John P. Curtin
18 Endometrial cancer, 181
Stephanie V. Blank and Zachary P. Schwartz
19 Cervical dysplasia and HPV, 189
Mila de Moura Behar Pontremoli Salcedo and Kathleen M. Schmeler
Section 2 Obstetrics
Carolyn M. Zelop
General obstetrics
20 Preconception care, 201
Haywood Brown
21 Prenatal diagnosis, 213
Lisa C. Zuckerwise, Karen Archabald, and Joshua Copel
22 Hyperemesis gravidarum, 225
Veronica Gillispie and Sherri Longo
23 Drugs and medication in pregnancy, 233
Maisa N. Feghali and Steve N. Caritis
Maternal complications
24 Asthma, 247
Jennifer A. Namazy and Michael Schatz
25 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, 255
Andrei Rebarber
26 Cardiovascular disease, 265
Megan L. Jones and Michael R. Foley
27 Renal disease, 287
Arun Jeyabalan
28 Diabetes mellitus, 297
Margaret Dziadosz and Ashley S. Roman
29 Thyroid disease, 303
Sarah J. Kilpatrick

30 Neurologic disease, 315
Peter W. Kaplan, Emily L. Johnson, and Payam Mohassel
31 Diagnosis and management of antiphospholipid syndrome, 325
Cara Heuser and Ware Branch
32 Hematologic disease, 335
Peter W. Marks
33 Infections in pregnancy, 343
Jennifer Amorosa, Jane Goldman, and Rhoda Sperling
34 Venous thromboembolic disease, 355
B. Ryan Ball and Michael J. Paidas
35 Gastrointestinal disorders, 365
Shivani R. Patel and Richard H. Lee
36 Psychiatric disease, 377
Michael K. Simoni and Kimberly Yonkers
37 Preterm labor, 385
Joses A. Jain and Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman
38 Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM), 397
George Graham and Stephanie Bakaysa
39 Antepartum hemorrhage, 407
Joanna Gibson, Nada Sabir, and James Neilson
40 Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery, 419
Carolyn M. Zelop
41 Post-term pregnancy, 431
John Smulian and Joanne Quinones
Fetal complications
42 Disorders of amniotic fluid volume, 443
Marie Beall and Michael Ross
43 Disorders of fetal growth, 451
Katherine R. Goetzinger and Anthony O. Odibo
44 Multiple pregnancies and births, 467
Isaac Blickstein and Oren Barak
45 Intrauterine fetal demise, 479
Rana Snipe Berry
46 Fetal anomalies, 487
Ashley T. Peterson and Sabrina D. Craigo
47 Antepartum/intrapartum fetal surveillance, 495
David A. Miller
48 Hydrops fetalis, 513
Joong Shin Park

49 Malpresentation, 521
Joseph G. Ouzounian and Shivani R. Patel
Peripartum complications
50 Induction/augmentation of labor, 527
Christine Farinelli, Lili Sheibani, and Deborah Wing
51 Postpartum hemorrhage, 545
Alexandria J. Hill, Karin Fox, and Stephanie R. Martin
52 Obstetric emergencies, 559
Karin Fox, Alexandria J. Hill, and Stephanie R. Martin
53 Methods for spontaneous delivery, 569
Carrie Lynn Johnson
54 Operative vaginal delivery, 583
Gary A. Dildy and Steven L. Clark
55 Cesarean delivery in the obese parturient, 593
Diana A. Racusin and Alex C. Vidaeff
Index, 601



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