247. Research Training In Psychiatry

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247. Research Training In Psychiatry

247. Research Training In Psychiatry



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


FEES: 555/- INR only





Executive Summary 1
1 Introduction 21
Study Context, 21
The Burden of Mental Illness, 21
Increasing Societal Awareness of Mental Illness, 22
Advances in Mental Health Care, 22
Genesis of the Study, 25
Trends in Training of Psychiatrist-Researchers, 25
Study Charge, 29
Composition of the Committee, 30
Study Approach and Scope, 30
Overall Strategy, 30
Definitions and Broad Concepts, 30
Limitations of the Data, 34
Organization of the Report, 34
2 Residency as Part of a Longitudinal Career Continuum 37
Residency as an Important Target for Research Training, 37
Research Literacy, 39
Exposures and Experiences, 40
Opportunities to Formulate Patient-Oriented Research
Questions, 42
Attracting and Sustaining the Interest of Talented Medical
Students, 42
Importance of Longitudinal Training for Potential Researchers, 43
Preresidency Experiences, 44
Postresidency Experiences, 47
Strategic Considerations, 54
Models from Outside of Psychiatry, 55
Conclusions and Recommendation 2.1, 58

3 Regulatory Factors 61
Psychiatry Residency Review Committee, 61
Organization and Function, 61
A Brief Detour into Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, 64
Clinical Requirements for Psychiatry Training, 68
Other Opportunities for Research Experiences in Residency, 75
Research Requirements for Psychiatric Residency, 77
Certification Board, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,
American Medical Association, 82
Other National Organizations Involved in Psychiatric Research
Training, 82
American Psychiatric Association, 82
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 83
Other National Organizations, 84
Conclusions and Recommendations, 84
4 Institutional Factors 91
Funding Issues in Graduate Medical Education, 91
The General Funding Stream, 91
Funding Issues in Pediatric Graduate Medical Education, 93
Supporting Research Activity Through Graduate Medical
Education Funds, 93
General Research Funding, 95
Leadership and Mentoring, 102
Institutional Leadership, 102
Departmental Leadership, 104
Mentorship, 105
Program and Curriculum Structure, 109
Published Reports on Research Curriculum Design, 109
Illustrative Programs, 114
Other Aggregate Program Data, 120
Conclusions and Recommendations, 125
5 Personal Factors 133
Innate Characteristics, 133
Motivation and Drive, 134
Intellectual Capacity and Scientific Orientation, 134
Personal Financial Concerns, 138
Student Debt, 138
Residency and Fellowship Stipends, 139

Salaries of Psychiatrists Compared with Other Specialties, 139
Salary Differences Between Clinicians and Researchers, 141
Nonsalary Benefits of a Research Career, 144
Representation of Women, International Medical Graduates, and
Racial Minorities in Psychiatry, 150
Women, 152
International Medical Graduates, 154
Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Minorities, 156
Conclusions and Recommendations, 159
6 Future Directions for Promoting the Development of
Psychiatrist-Researchers 167
Workforce Estimates and Monitoring, 167
Outcome Data in Research Training, 171
National Coordinating Effort, 173
Overarching Recommendation, 174
References 177
Appendix A: Data Sources and Methods 201
Appendix B: Federal and Other Funding Mechanisms
Listed and Summarized by Career Stage 211
Appendix C: Brief Descriptions of Psychiatry Residency
Training Programs 231
Appendix D: Committee and Staff Biographies 247



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