232. History Of Psychiatry & Medical Psychology

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232. History Of Psychiatry & Medical Psychology

232. History Of Psychiatry & Medical Psychology



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Acknowledgments xi
Preface xiii
Introduction: Synopsis and Overview xix
Contributors xlv
Section One: Prolegomenon
Chapter 1. Historiography: Philosophy and Methodology of History, with Special
Emphasis on Medicine and Psychiatry; and an Appendix on
“Historiography” as the History of History 3
Edwin R. Wallace, IV

Chapter 2. Contextualizing the History of Psychiatry/Psychology and Psychoanalysis:

Annotated Bibliography and Essays: Addenda A–F 117
Edwin R. Wallace, IV

Section Two: Periods
Chapter 3. Mind and Madness in Classical Antiquity 175

Bennett Simon

Chapter 4. Mental Disturbances, Unusual Mental States, and Their Interpretation

during the Middle Ages 199
George Mora

Chapter 5. Renaissance Conceptions and Treatments of Madness 227

George Mora

Chapter 6. The Madman in the Light of Reason. Enlightenment Psychiatry:

Part I. Custody, Therapy, Theory and the Need for Reform 255
Dora B. Weiner

The Growth of Psychiatry as a Medical Specialty
Chapter 7. The Madman in the Light of Reason. Enlightenment Psychiatry:

Part II. Alienists, Treatises, and the Psychologic Approach in the Era of Pinel 281
Dora B. Weiner

Chapter 8. Philippe Pinel in the Twenty-First Century: The Myth and the Message 305

Dora B. Weiner

Chapter 9. German Romantic Psychiatry: Part I. Earlier, Including

More-Psychological Orientations 313
Otto M. Marx

Chapter 10. German Romantic Psychiatry: Part II. Later, Including

More-Somatic Orientations 335
Otto M. Marx

Chapter 11. Descriptive Psychiatry and Psychiatric Nosology during the

Nineteenth Century 353
German Berrios

Chapter 12. Biological Psychiatry in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 381

John Gach

Chapter 13. The Intersection of Psychopharmacology and Psychiatry in the

Second Half of the Twentieth Century 419
David Healy

Section Three: Concepts and Topics
Chapter 14. A History of Melancholia and Depression 443

Stanley W. Jackson

Chapter 15. Constructing Schizophrenia as a Category of Mental Illness 461

Sander L. Gilman

Chapter 16. The Concept of Psychosomatic Medicine 485

Herbert Weiner

Chapter 17. Neurology’s Influence on American Psychiatry: 1865–1915 519

Edward M. Brown

Chapter 18. The Transformation of American Psychiatry: From

Institution to Community, 1800–2000 533
Gerald N. Grob

Chapter 19. The Transition to Secular Psychotherapy: Hypnosis and the

Alternate-Consciousness Paradigm 555
Adam Crabtree

Chapter 20. Psychoanalysis in Central Europe: The Interplay of

Psychoanalysis and Culture 587
Hannah S. Decker

Chapter 21. The Psychoanalytic Movement in the United States, 1906–1991 629

Sanford Gifford

Chapter 22. The Development of Clinical Psychology, Social Work, and

Psychiatric Nursing: 1900–1980s 657
Nancy Tomes

Epilogue: Psychiatry and the Mind-Body Relation
Chapter 23. Thoughts Toward a Critique of Biological Psychiatry 685

John Gach
viii Contents

Contents ix
Chapter 24. Two “Mind”-“Body” Models for a Holistic Psychiatry 695

Edwin R. Wallace, IV

Chapter 25. Freud on “Mind”-“Body” I: The Psychoneurobiological and “Instinctualist”

Stance; with Implications for Chapter 24, and Two Postscripts 725
Edwin R. Wallace, IV

Chapter 26. Freud on “Mind”-“Body” II: Drive, Motivation, Meaning, History, and

Freud’s Psychological Heuristic; with Clinical and Everyday Examples 757
Edwin R. Wallace, IV

Chapter 27. Psychosomatic Medicine and the Mind-Body Relation: Historical, Philosophical,
Scientific, and Clinical Perspectives 781
Herbert Weiner

Glossary 835
Index 837



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