224. 100 Cases In Dermatology

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224. 100 Cases In Dermatology

224. 100 Cases In Dermatology



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1: An itchy, slow-growing infant 1
2: An agitated atopic child 3
3: An acute monomorphic eruption in a systemically unwell atopic child 5
4: A recurrent, unsightly facial eruption in a stressed but well young adult 7
5: Blistered hands and feet in an athletic man 9
6: Chronic erythematous pruritic eruption on the lower legs 11
7: An itchy localized eruption 13
8: An eczematous eruption complicating venous ulcers 16
9: A transient pruritic eruption exacerbated by heat 19
10: A toddler with brown patches which urticate 23
11: Acute soft tissue swelling associated with systemic symptoms 25
12: Chronic scaly plaques on the knees 27
13: Widespread scaly eruption appears after a sore throat 29
14: A patient presents acutely unwell with all his skin red and hot 31
15: An itchy eruption appearing on the chest and arms after sun exposure 33
16: Acute-onset linear blistering on the legs 35
17: Chronic blistering eruption on the dorsal hands 37
18: Sun-induced skin pain, redness and scarring in a child 39
19: Sudden-onset widespread rash 41
20: Recurrent annular erythematous lesions reactivating
at identical skin sites 43
21: Painful lip lesion associated with a localized
blistering rash and sore mouth 45
22: Painful eroded mucous membranes and skin lesions 47
23: Acute-onset extensive blistering and skin necrosis with
mucous membrane involvement 49
24: Fever, epilepsy and a widespread skin eruption
with marked facial oedema 51
25: Acute-onset multiple pustules on a background of erythematous skin 53
26: Acute non-blanching cutaneous eruption associated with a sore throat 55
27: An itchy papular eruption on the ankles 57
28: A generalized itchy blistering eruption in an elderly woman 59
29: Sudden onset of erosions, blisters and fragile skin
following gradually worsening mouth ulcers 63
30: An itchy, vesicular extensor eruption associated with malabsorption 65
31: An itchy blistering eruption recurring in a second pregnancy 67
32: Extremely itchy stretch marks in the third trimester 69
33: Asymptomatic sclerotic white plaques on the trunk 71
34: Insidious onset of tightening of the skin over the limbs 73

100 Cases in Dermatology
35: Acute facial rash, fever and joint pains in a young woman 75
36: Annular erythematous rash of sudden onset 79
37: Hair loss, scarring rash and photosensitivity 81
38: An erythematous rash and muscle weakness 83
39: Widespread maculopapular eruption on the trunk and
face with flu-like symptoms 85
40: Slow asymptomatic depigmentation of the skin 87
41: A young adult with high blood pressure,
irregular pigmentation and skin lumps 89
42: An overweight teenager with thickened skin around her neck 93
43: A dramatic and painful ulcer in a young patient
with no evidence of infection 95
44: Slow-onset asymptomatic lesions on the shins of a diabetic patient 97
45: Slowly progressive swelling and discolouration over the shins 99
46: Asymptomatic annular lesions on the limbs 101
47: An asymptomatic papular and annular eruption 103
48: Ulcer over the gaiter area on a background of aching legs 105
49: Slow-onset, unilateral, painless leg swelling 107
50: An infirm elderly man with arterial disease and an ulcerated heel 111
51: Non-healing foot ulcer in a diabetic patient 113
52: A regressing vascular lesion in a pre-school child 117
53: A livid red birthmark on a newborn child 120
54: Slow development of a scaly plaque on a finger 123
55: A slow-growing ulcerated non-healing nodule on the face 125
56: Multiple basal cell carcinomas in a young patient 127
57: An ulcerating lesion on the scalp, enlarging over 4 months 129
58: A rapidly growing lesion on the dorsum of the hand 131
59: A longstanding flesh-coloured nodule on the face 133
60: Multiple, slightly atypical looking naevi on the trunk 137
61: An enlarging pigmented macule on the face of an elderly man 139
62: A unilateral rash around the nipple 141
63: A changing pigmented lesion on the leg 143
64: A pigmented nodule on the back 145
65: Longstanding erythematous scaly patches 147
66: A slow-growing plum-coloured skin nodule 149
67: Papular and pustular eruption on the face with scarring 151
68: A red face with papules and pustules 153
69: Sudden-onset facial crusting and blistering in a child 155
70: An erythematous painful face 157
71: A hot, swollen leg 159
72: Painful areas of superficially eroded skin in the flexures of a child 161
73: Asymptomatic erythematous scaly patches on the palms and soles 163
74: Acute-onset blister on the lip with facial swelling and pain 165
75: A localized, painful, blistering eruption 167
76: Multiple flesh-coloured papules on the face 169
77: Multiple hyperkeratotic papules and nodules on the fingers 171
78: Sudden-onset maculopapular rash with conjunctivitis and malaise 173
79: Crops of blisters becoming widespread in a child with
gastrointestinal upset 175
80: Multiple cutaneous boils appearing over 12 months 177
81: Chronic, sore, macerated skin in the finger webs 179

82: Asymptomatic purple skin lesions appearing on the limbs and trunk 181
83: Widespread itchy eruption preventing sleep 183
84: Painless erythematous lesion on the nose grows over four months 185
85: Scaling of the scalp with occipital lymphadenopathy in a child 187
86: A pruritic annular rash and family involvement 189
87: Progressive scaling of the palms and dystrophy of the fingernails 193
88: Patchy asymptomatic hair loss over the scalp 195
89: Frontal hair loss in a woman 197
90: Excessive facial hair in a young woman 199
91: Multiple skin lesions develop in a renal transplant recipient 201
92: Stiffness of the skin developing after bone marrow transplantation 203
93: Streaky skin changes in a toddler and a maternal history
of miscarriage 205
94: A young adult with seizures and markedly photo-damaged skin 207
95: A young man seeking genetic counselling advice regarding
his dry skin condition 209
96: Recurrent blisters on the extremities associated with
minor pressure/friction 211
97: An increasing number of asymptomatic facial lesions in a young boy 213
98: Macroglossia, fatigue and back pain in an elderly woman 217
99: Subacute pruritic erythematous eruption in an elderly
patient with weight loss 219
100: A young girl with unusual scars and unexplained injuries 223
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