220. Dermatologic Therapeutics

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220. Dermatologic Therapeutics

220. Dermatologic Therapeutics



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


FEES: 555/- INR only





Acne 1
Kristy F. Fleming and Murad Alam
Alopecia Areata 16
Paul M. Hoesly and Murad Alam
Androgenetic Alopecia 22
Donna R. Sadowski and David C. Reid
Aphthous Stomatitis (Canker Sores) 29
Michelle T. Chevalier and David C. Reid
Bacterial Skin Infections 36
Nilanthi Gunawardane
Impetigo 36
Folliculitis 38
Cellulitis 40
Erythrasma 41
Furuncle/Carbuncle/Abscess 42
Bites and Stings 45
Tracy Lynn Donahue
Spiders 45
Snakes 47
Insects 49
Mites 53
Caterpillars and Moths 56
Marine Stings 60
Mammalian Bites 61
Burns 66
Dominic C. Kim and Abel D. Jarell
Corns and Calluses 72
Michelle T. Chevalier and David C. Reid

Dermatitis 77
Gunilla Carlsson Thorn
Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema 77
Contact Dermatitis 82
Lichen Simplex Chronicus 84
Dermatofibroma 86
Adriane M. Boyle
Diaper Dermatitis 90
Pamela Chayavichitsilp
Drug Eruptions, Allergic 94
Leonard Yale Kerwin, Elena Hadjicharalambous, and Jessica Ann Kado
Dry Skin and Ichthyosis Vulgaris 104
Katherine Caretti, Maria Kashat, and Jessica Ann Kado
Erythema Multiforme, Stevens-Johnson
Syndrome, and Toxic Epidermal
Necrolysis 109
Julia M. Kasprzak and David C. Reid
Erythema Multiforme 109
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome And Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis 112
Erythema Nodosum 118
Michelle T. Chevalier and David C. Reid
Fungal Infections 124
Lauren Alberta-Wszolek, Aimee M. Two, Chao Li, Kathryn Buikema,
Abel D. Jarell, and Jessica M. Gjede
Candidiasis 124
Onychomycosis 130
Tinea Capitis 133
Tinea Barbae 134
Tinea Pedis 135

Tinea Cruris 136
Tinea Versicolor 137
Granuloma Annulare 144
Vidya D.M. Shivakumar and David C. Reid
Herpes Simplex 150
Jeffrey M. Melancon
Herpes Zoster and Varicella 161
Jeffrey M. Melancon
Hidradenitis Suppurativa 173
Julia M. Kasprzak and David C. Reid
Hyperhidrosis 179
Julia M. Kasprzak and David C. Reid
Hypertrichosis 186
Nathan H. Brewer
Infestations 194 Robert Stavert, Alix J. Charles, Sarah J. Harvey,
and Abel D. Jarell
Pediculosis 194
Scabies 200
Ticks 205
Intertrigo 213
Giselle Rodriguez and Murad Alam
Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars 217
Yoon-Soo Cindy Bae-Harboe
Keratosis Pilaris 223
Jessica S. Kim

Lentigo 227
Silvia Soohyun Kim and Shang I. Brian Jiang
Melasma 232
Laurel M. Morton
Milia 238
Giselle Rodriguez and Murad Alam
Molluscum Contagiosum 241
Sumul A. Gandhi and David C. Reid
Perioral (Periorificial) Dermatitis 245
Allison L. Goddard
Perlèche (Angular Cheilitis) 249
Allison L. Goddard
Pityriasis Rosea 252
Kevin Shih and Murad Alam
Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation 257
Alix J. Charles
Pruritus 261
Vicky Ren and Suneel Chilukuri
Psoriasis 267
James J. Herrmann
Rosacea 282
Lauren Alberta-Wszolek and Michael C. Chen
Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dandruff 292
Danielle S. Applebaum and Suneel Chilukuri

Seborrheic Keratoses 299
Silvia Soohyun Kim and Shang I. Brian Jiang
Skin Cancer 303
Fareesa Shuja and Zena W. Zoghbi
Basal Cell Carcinoma 303
Squamous Cell Carcinoma 306
Melanoma 308
Skin Tags 317
Emily Newsom and Jessica Ann Kado
Sunburn 319
Sarah J. Harvey and Abel D. Jarell
Telangiectasia 327
Silvia Soohyun Kim and Shang I. Brian Jiang
Urticaria 331
Jessica M. Gjede
Vascular Tumors and Malformations 341
Edward P. Conrad
Vascular Tumors 341
Vascular Malformations 344
Vitiligo 350
Jeffrey T.S. Hsu
Warts 358
Ajay N. Amarnani
Operative Procedures 368
Ashish C. Bhatia, Kerri L. Robbins, and Chung-Yin Stanley Chan

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques 380 Amanda E. Zubek, Lacey L. Kruse, Jacqueline A. Guidry, Christopher
G. Bunick, and Kelly J. Stankiewicz
Cytologic Smears 380
Fungal Scraping And Culture 381
Wood’s Lamp Examination 383
Patch Testing 385
Ultraviolet Light Therapy 388
Photodynamic Therapy 392
Cosmetic Procedures 396
Chung-Yin Stanley Chan, Joanna Busquets, and Nazanin Saedi
Botulinum Toxin 396
Soft-Tissue Augmentation 401
Types of Topical Medications 408
Quynh-Giao Ly Nguyen
Amount to Dispense 412
Quynh-Giao Ly Nguyen
A. Quantity 412
Normal Skin Care 414
Quynh-Giao Ly Nguyen
General Principles of Normal Skin Care 414
Sun Reactions and Sun Protection 421
Fareesa Shuja and Zena W. Zoghbi
Wound Dressings 427
Emily Bahram-ahi
Dressing Selection 427
Epithelial Edge Advancement 433
Advanced Dressings 435
Index 437



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