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92. Community Medicine National Journal

92. Community Medicine National Journal



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


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HIV/AIDS Control: Scaling up, Demand Generation and Mainstreaming in context of Gujarat
P Kumar 62 – 63

Study of Risk Factors of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) in Underfives in Solapur
Prasad D Pore, Chandrashekhar H Ghattargi, Madhavi V Rayate 64 – 67

Sexual Behavior among Injection Drug Users and Potential for Hiv Spread to Non-
Injectors in A Western Indian City

Chavan LB, Patel Prakash,Bhavesh Modi, Undhad Ashwin 68-70

An Evaluation of Treatment Behavior of The Patients on Dots of Anand District, Gujarat
Donald Christian, Uday Shankar Singh, Sidhyartha Mukherjee, Deepak Sharma 71 – 74

Animal Bite Management Practices: Study at Three Municipal Corporation Hospitals of
Vyas Sheetal, Gupta Kinnari, Bhatt Gneyaa, Tiwari Hemant 75 – 78

An Analysis of Pedestrian Accidents in Sabarkantha District
Mitesh Patel, Girija Kartha, Mehta HK 79 – 81

An Alarming Hazard in The Community Using Aluminium in Day to Day Life on The
Basis of Toxic Effects on The Liver of Abino Rats by Ingestion of Aluminium.
Deepa Rani Agarwal, Sandeep B. Gupta 82 – 84

A Study of Superficial Mycosis in South Gujarat Region
Parul Patel, Summaiya Mulla, Disha Patel, Gaurishankar Shrimali 85 – 88

Study of Hiv Positive Cases Attending Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre of
Baroda – A Gender Perspective
Shaikh Mohsin, Misra Shobha, Rakesh Shah, Sunil Nayak 89 – 92

Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Needle Stick Injuries Among Helath Care Workers
in Tertiary Care Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Rakesh Shah, HK Mehta, Manish Fancy, Sunil Nayak, Bhavesh N. Donga 93 – 96

A Profile of Knowledge and Sexual Behaviours Among Textile Workers in Context of HIV
and AIDS in Surat City
Bhautik Modi, Jay Padodara, Sarita Mangukiya, Vimalkumar Tailor 97 – 99

Knowledge Attitude and Practice Regarding Micronutrient in Secondary School Student
of Tribal Area in Gujarat
Modi Bhavesh, Patel Prakash, Sutariya Shailesh, Dave Paresh 100 – 102

Awareness Regarding Swine Flu Amongst Patients Attending Swine Flu OPD in a
Tertiary Care Center in South Gujarat
Shukla Deepak, Patel Sushil, Panchal Shaishav, Shah Naimesh, Sridharan Srivani, Prakash
Patel 103 – 105

Socio-Demographic and Morbidity Profile of Slum Area in Ahmedabad, India
Goswami Mihir, Kedia Geeta 106 – 110

Breast Feeding Practices in Urban Community of Surat City
Nayak Sunil, Jay Padodara, Patel Sushil, Gharat Vaibhav, Patel Swati, Choksi Vivek, Desai
Toral 111 – 113

Needle Stick and Sharp Instruments Injuries Among Health Care Providers at Cardiology
Institute, Ahmedabad
Goswami Mihir, Patel Parul, Nayak Sunil, Mehta HK, Shah Rakesh, Devmurari Dharmesh,
Patel R K 114 – 117

Role of Unmanned Condoms Depots on Promotion of Condoms on the Community During
HIV/AIDS Epidemic in India
Tamboli BL 118 – 121

Coronary Artery Disease: A Descriptive Analysis of Risk Factors: Before and After
S Dinkar, Suresh Rao, M Vakamudi, R Saldanha, KR Balakrishnan 122 – 131

Evaluation of Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization in District Dang During 2008
Bipin Vasava, Goti Pravin, Rupani Mihir, Mandaviya Vipul, Chudasma Rajesh 132 – 134

A Study of Malaria – Related Paediatric Morbidity and Mortality in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
State, India
Talsania NJ, Vani SN 135 – 138

Awareness and Prevalence of Myocardial Infarction and Hypertension in General
Population of Surat City
Snehal Gandhi, Nisarg Chaudhari, Rushik Bhuva, Kallol Mallick, Bipin Vasava 139 – 142

A Study of Knowledge and Practices among Commercial Sex Workers Registered Under
Jyotisangh STD Clinic, Ahmedabad
Talsania NJ, Shah Rakesh, Shah Venu, Murugan V 143 – 145

Medical Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes Related to HIV/AIDS
Shaikh Mohsin, Sunil Nayak, Vipul Mandaviya 146 – 149

Clinical Profile & Risk Factors in Acute Coronary Syndrome
P Yadav, D Joseph, P Joshi, P Sakhi, RK Jha, J Gupta 150 – 152

Prevalence of Hypertension Amongst Workers of a Fertilizer Company in Surat District
Vidita Divan, Vineeta Chauhan, Shaishav Panchal, Bansal RK 153 – 155

Prevalence of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in School Children in
Malwa Region of MP
P Yadav, P Joshi, J Gupta, D Joseph, P Sakhi 156 – 158

Scientific Validation of Ancient Indian Disease Diagnosis System, Using Human Energy
Field (Aura)
Jitendra Gupta, Aarti Julka, Rajeev Pahwa, Menka Kuril, Barkha Kuril 159 – 161

Clinical Spectrum of Cleidocranial Dysplasia: A Case Report
P Sakhi, P Yadav, R Susmitha, A Chawla, CJ Yadav, J Gupta 162 – 165

Risk of Breast Cancer in Obese Women: A Case-Control Study
Lodha S Rama, Nandeshwar Sunil, Pal K D 166 – 167

Assessment of Clinical Postings in Community Medicine at a Medical College in Western
India-A Focus Group Discussion With Teachers
Shobha Misra, R. K. Baxi, Parag Chavda 168 – 169

Efficacy of Syndromic Approach in Urban Slum of Bhopal
Vishal Jamra, S. Nandeshwar, DK Pal 170 – 171

Awareness about Vaccine Vial Monitor at Pulse Polio Booths
Bipin Vasava, Kallol Malick, Dave Kairavee, Patel Amit, Rupani Mihir, Bhautik Modi,
Naik AK 172 – 173

Addiction to Social Networking Websites and Its Effect on Lifecourse of College Going
Students in Surat City
Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK 174 – 175

Indian Diabetes Risk Score for Screening of Undiagnosed Diabetic Subjects of Bhopal City
S Nandeshwar, Vishal Jamra, DK Pal 176 – 177



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