152. Pharmacology Incredibly Easy

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152. Pharmacology Incredibly Easy

152. Pharmacology Incredibly Easy



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


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Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Coaching Psychology 3
What Is Coaching? 3
Why We All Need Coaching 4
What Coaching Isn’t: The Expert Approach 6
What Coaching Isn’t: The Therapy Approach 7
What Is Coaching Psychology? 8
What Brings Clients to Coaching? 9
The Process of Coaching 9
Training to Be a Coach 10
Professional Coach Code of Ethics 10
Liability and Scope of Practice 11
Appendix A: The ICF Code of Ethics 12
Appendix B: Suggested Readings 14
Chapter 2 Coaching Relationship Skills 17
Relationship: The Heart of Coaching 17
Establishing Trust and Rapport 18
Using Mindfulness in Coaching 21
Three Core Coaching Skills 22
Other Relationship-Building Tools 24
Some Do’s and Don’ts in Coaching 26
Qualities of Masterful Coaches 27
Appendix A: Examples of Open-Ended Questions 28
Appendix B: International Coach Federation Core Coaching Competencies 29
Chapter 3 Coaching Behavior Change 33
Introduction to Behavior Change 33

Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change 33
Stages of Change and Effective Coaching Skills for Each Stage 34
Helping Clients Move through the Stages of Change 39
More on the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) 40
Decisional Balance 41
Self-Efficacy 41
Operant Conditioning 42
Coaching Timelines 42
Mount Lasting Change 43
General Suggestions for Coaching Change in Light of the TTM 46
Appendix A: The Readiness to Change Quiz for Clients 48
Appendix B: Coaching Strategies for Stages of Readiness 49
Chapter 4 Appreciative Inquiry in Coaching 52
The Five Basic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry 52
The 5-D Cycle of AI 54
Using Appreciative Inquiry in Coaching 56
Solving Problems the AI Way: A Strength-Based Approach 58
Making the Coaching Program Interesting 60
Using AI to Transform the Coaching Relationship 61
Chapter 5 Nonviolent Communication and Motivational Interviewing in Coaching 63
Definitions 63
Understanding Motivational Interviewing 63
Principle One: The Empathy Factor 64
The Language of Empathy: Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 65
Principle Two: Developing Discrepancy 67
Principle Three: Rolling with Resistance 70
Principle Four: Support Self-Efficacy 71
Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry 72
Chapter 6 Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem 74
Self-Efficacy: The End Game of Coaching 74
Self-Esteem: The Bedrock of Coaching 78
Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem 79
Conclusion 80

Chapter 7 Client Assessments 85
The Value of Assessments 85
Reviewing a Well-Being Assessment 87
Physical Health Risks 88
Mental Health Risks 90
Discussing a Well-Being Assessment 90
Additional Assessments for Coaching 93
Appendix A: Sample Well-Being Assessment 96
Appendix B: Mental Health Indicators 102
Appendix C: Physician Medical Release for Health, Fitness,
or Wellness Coaching 103
Chapter 8 Vision, Planning, and Goals 104
Introduction to Health, Fitness, and Wellness Planning 104
The Importance of a Compelling Vision 104
Examples of Visions 105
Behavioral Goals Make Visions Real 107
Three-Month Behavioral Goals 108
Weekly Behavioral Goals 109
Behavioral Goals Are SMART Goals 110
The Role of Brainstorming in Goal Setting 112
The Importance of Motivation in Goal Setting 112
The Power of Accountability in Goal Setting 113
Assessment of Behavioral Goal Achievement 113
Tracking and Measuring Outcomes Progress 114
Setting Outcomes Baselines 114
Putting It All Together 116
Chapter 9 Generative Moments in Coaching 120
Definitions and Acronyms 120
Understanding and Recognizing Generative Moments 120
Generative Moments Engage Every Coaching Skill 123
Facilitating Generative Moments 124
Relational Flow in Generative Moments 129

Chapter 10 Conducting Coaching Sessions 132
Introduction 132
Step-by-Step Guidelines for the First 45- to 90-Minute Coaching Session
(Creating a Vision, 3-Month Goals, and First-Week Goals) 132
Step-by-Step Guidelines for Subsequent 30- to 45-Minute Coaching
Sessions (Achieving Goals and Realizing a Vision) 141
What to Expect during the First 3 Months of Working
with a Client 144
Adapt Your Coaching Style to Client Learning Styles 145
Putting It All Together 146
Appendix A: Client Coaching Program Checklist 148
Appendix B: Coaching Program Feedback Survey 149

Chapter 11 Coaching Presence 155
Definitions 155
Understanding Coaching Presence 155
Coaching Presence as a Symphony of Strengths 156
The Presence That Generates Movement and Growth 160
The Being Skills of Coaching Presence 165
Conveying Coaching Presence 165
Chapter 12 Self-Care and Professional Development 168
Personal Wellness Foundation Tool: Six Facets 169
Setting Strong Personal Standards and Boundaries 169
Steps to Enforcing Boundaries 170
Preventing Burnout 170
Professional Development 171
Experience Coaching as a Client 171
Participate in Additional Training Opportunities 172
Coaching Career Vision 172




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