117. Forensic Toxicology: Proceedings

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117. Forensic Toxicology: Proceedings

117. Forensic Toxicology: Proceedings



CATEGORY: Medical & Medicine – 500 Courses


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Traces and Tracers – The Limits of Toxicology:
Lenihan, J.M.A.
A Rapid 2D TLC Screening Procedure for Drugs in Cases of
Acute Drug Overdosage: Hundt, H.K.L., Van der Meer, M.J.
and Clark, E.C.
Selection of Methods for Systematic Toxicological Analysis:
Mueller, R.K.
Immunoassays in Forensic Toxicology: Smith, R.N.

5. Insulin Murders: Isolation and Identification by 48
Radioimmunoassay After Several Months of Inhumation:
Heyndrickx, A., Van Peteghem, C., Majelyne, W. and
Timperman, J.
6. Clozapin, a Fatal Case: Kaempe, B., Vesterby, A., 58
Thomson, N.J. and Rosenthal, J.
7. The Detection of Heavy Metals from Biological Material by 60
Gas-liquid-chromatography via the Diethyldithiocarbamates:
Drasch, G., v. Meyer, L., Kauert, G.
8. Determination of 8-methoxypsoralen in Human Serum and Suction 67
Blister Fluid: De Wolff, F.A., Edelbroek, P.M. and Herfst, M.J.
9. Isolation of Drugs from Blood and Tissue Homogenates using 71
Thin Channel Ultrafiltration: Kauert, G., v. Meyer, L.,
Drasch, G. and Schneller, F.
10. Analysis of Autopsy Samples for the Detection of 2,3,7,8- 78
tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin by High Resolution GC-MS:
Montagna, M., Fornari, A. and Facchetti, S.
11. Rapid Analytical Method for Alcohol in Biological Fluids Using 86
the Alcolmeter AE-Dl: Jones, T.P. and Williams, P.M.
12. Fuel Cell Measurement of Breath/blood Alcohol: 95
Knepil, J. and Fergie, R.
13. Extractive Dialysis: Brandenberger, H. and Bucher, M. 104
14. A Road Traffic Act Drug Screening System – A Survey of 109
Results: Taylor, J.F.
15. TOXicological Determination of Heroin and Morphine in Urine 119
and Blood of Man: Demedts, P., De Clerck, F. and
Heyndrickx, A.
16. Analysis and Disposition of Dextromoramide in Body Fluids: 126
Idowu, R., Caddy, B., Tilstone, W.J. and Thomson, N.C.

17. GLC and TLC of Some Pethidine-like Narcotics and their
Metabolites: Chan, K., Murray, G.R., Plurnpton, K.E. and
Milne, L. 140
18. The Abuse of Preparations containing Dipipanone and 151
Cyclizine; Analytical Aspects and their Interpretation:
Sheehan, T.M.T., Paterson, S.C., Clarke, J.G.N. and
Minty, P.S.B.
19. A Benzodiazepine Survey of Urine Samples Collected for the 160
Purposes of the Road Traffic Act: Fergie, R.
20. A Specific Method for the Analysis of Buformin in Pre- and 165
Post-mortem Human Material: Groot, G. de, Maes, R.A.A.,
Sangster, B., Heijst, A.N.P. van and Verdonck, L.F.
21. The Comparison of TLC with GLC and GC/MS as well as TLC/GLC 172
as Screening Methods for Synthetic, Chemical Stimulating
Laxatives in Case of Abuse: Faber, D.B. and Kok, R.M.
22. The Screening of Pesticides in Forensic Toxicology: 189
Fysh, R.R.
23. The Relevance of Plasma Paraquat Assays: 204
Widdop, B. and Stewart, M.J.
24. Illicit Methadone – Laboratories in Berlin: 208
Paulig, G.
25. Analytical Estimation of Indomethacin in Plasma by Gas 214
Chromatography – Mass Fragmentography: Yehia, B.M. and
Oliver, J.S.
26. On-line Identification Program of Poisonous and 221
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: Margot, P.
27. Identification of Amphetamine, Mefenorex and Fencanfamin in 235
Three Cases of Doping: de Camargo, E., Horaes, F. and
Silva, O.A.
28. The Detection of Coumarin Anticoagulants in Biological 245
Fluids by Gas Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry:
von Meyer, L., Drasch, G. and Kauert, G.
29. A Simple Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Assay for the Measurement 252
of a New Antiarrhythmic Drug Lorcainide and its Metabolite
Norlorcainide in Plasma: Holt, D.W. and Huggett, A.C.
30. Rapid High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the 259
Measurement of Temazepam in Blood-plasma or Serum:
Huggett, A.C., Storey, G.C.A. and Flanagan, R,J.
31. Mercury Intoxications During Application of Pharmaceutical 268
Preparations: Battista, H,J. Henn, R., schabel, F. and
Berger, H.
32. Experience with EnzymatiC Deproteination in General
Toxicological Case Work: Dunnett, N, and Ashton, P.G. 272

33. The Analysis of Volatiles in Blood from Fire Fatalities: 279
Anderson, R. and Harland, W.A.
34. Chromatographic Detection of Some Drugs of Toxicological 293
Interest Using a Method for Amphetamine Identification:
Sznelwar, R.B.
35. The Analysis of Blood in Cases of Suspected Solvent Abuse 304
(“glue sniffing”) with a Review of Results Obtained During
the Period October 1977 to July 1979: Lush, M., Oliver, J.S.
and Watson, J.M.
36. The Detection of Drugs in Greyhound Urine by EMIT and TLC: 314
Eppel, M.L., Oliver, J.S. and Smith, H.
Author Index 320



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