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19. Sports Injuries Management



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Title Page
How to Use This Book
Chapter 1 Flexibility, Anatomy, and Physiology
Fitness and Flexibility
Muscle Anatomy
The Physiology of Muscle Contraction
Muscle Reflexes
Musculo-skeletal Mechanics
Generation of Force
What Happens When a Muscle Is Stretched?
Terms of Anatomical Direction
Chapter 2 The Principles of Stretching
The Benefits of Stretching
Types of Stretching
Static Stretches
Dynamic Stretches
The Rules for Safe Stretching
How to Stretch Properly
How to Use Stretching as Part of the Warm-up

Chapter 3 Neck and Shoulders
A01: Lateral Neck Stretch
A02: Rotating Neck Stretch
A03: Forward Flexion Neck Stretch
A04: Diagonal Flexion Neck Stretch
A05: Neck Extension Stretch
A06: Neck Protraction Stretch
A07: Sitting Neck Flexion Stretch
A08: Parallel Arm Shoulder Stretch
A09: Bent Arm Shoulder Stretch
A10: Wrap Around Shoulder Stretch
A11: Cross Over Shoulder Stretch
A12: Reaching-up Shoulder Stretch
A13: Elbow-out Rotator Stretch
A14: Arm-up Rotator Stretch
A15: Arm-down Rotator Stretch
A16: Reverse Shoulder Stretch
A17: Assisted Reverse Shoulder Stretch
Chapter 4 Arms and Chest
B01: Above Head Chest Stretch
B02: Partner Assisted Chest Stretch
B03: Seated Partner Assisted Chest Stretch
B04: Parallel Arm Chest Stretch
B05: Bent Arm Chest Stretch
B06: Assisted Reverse Chest Stretch
B07: Bent-over Chest Stretch
B08: Kneeling Chest Stretch
B09: Reaching-down Triceps Stretch
B10: Triceps Stretch
B11: Kneeling Forearm Stretch
B12: Palms-out Forearm Stretch
B13: Fingers-down Forearm Stretch
B14: Finger Stretch
B15: Thumb Stretch
B16: Fingers-down Wrist Stretch

B17: Rotating Wrist Stretch
Chapter 5 Stomach
C01: On Elbows Stomach Stretch
C02: Rising Stomach Stretch
C03: Rotating Stomach Stretch
C04: Standing Lean-back Stomach Stretch
C05: Standing Lean-back Side Stomach Stretch
C06: Back Arching Stomach Stretch
Chapter 6 Back and Sides
D01: Reaching Forward Upper Back Stretch
D02: Reaching Upper Back Stretch
D03: Reach-up Back Stretch
D04: Lying Whole Body Stretch
D05: Sitting Bent-over Back Stretch
D06: Sitting Side Reach Stretch
D07: Standing Knee-to-chest Stretch
D08: Lying Knee-to-chest Stretch
D09: Lying Double Knee-to-chest Stretch
D10: Kneeling Reach Forward Stretch
D11: Kneeling Back-arch Stretch
D12: Kneeling Back-slump Stretch
D13: Kneeling Back Rotation Stretch
D14: Standing Back Rotation Stretch
D15: Standing Reach-up Back Rotation Stretch
D16: Lying Leg Cross-over Stretch
D17: Lying Knee Roll-over Stretch
D18: Sitting Knee-up Rotation Stretch
D19: Sitting Knee-up Extended Rotation Stretch
D20: Kneeling Reach-around Stretch
D21: Standing Lateral Side Stretch
D22: Reaching Lateral Side Stretch
D23: Sitting Lateral Side Stretch
Chapter 7 Hips and Buttocks

E01: Lying Cross-over Knee Pull-down Stretch
E02: Lying Leg Tuck Hip Stretch
E03: Standing Leg Tuck Hip Stretch
E04: Standing Leg Resting Buttocks Stretch
E05: Sitting Rotational Hip Stretch
E06: Standing Rotational Hip Stretch
E07: Sitting Cross-legged Reach Forward Stretch
E08: Sitting Feet-together Reach Forward Stretch
E09: Sitting Knee-to-chest Buttocks Stretch
E10: Sitting Foot-to-chest Buttocks Stretch
E11: Lying Cross-over Knee Pull-up Stretch
E12: Sitting Leg Resting Buttocks Stretch
E13: Lying Leg Resting Buttocks Stretch
Chapter 8 Quadriceps
F01: Kneeling Quad Stretch
F02: Standing Quad Stretch
F03: Standing Reach-up Quad Stretch
F04: Lying Quad Stretch
F05: On-your-side Quad Stretch
F06: Single Lean-back Quad Stretch
F07: Double Lean-back Quad Stretch
Chapter 9 Hamstrings
G01: Sitting Reach Forward Hamstring Stretch
G02: Standing Toe-pointed Hamstring Stretch
G03: Standing Toe-raised Hamstring Stretch
G04: Standing Leg-up Hamstring Stretch
G05: Standing Leg-up Toe-in Hamstring Stretch
G06: Sitting Single Leg Hamstring Stretch
G07: Lying Partner Assisted Hamstring Stretch
G08: Lying Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch
G09: Lying Straight Knee Hamstring Stretch
G10: Kneeling Toe-raised Hamstring Stretch
G11: Sitting Leg Resting Hamstring Stretch
G12: Standing Leg-up Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch
G13: Standing High-leg Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch

G14: Sitting Bent Knee Toe-pull Hamstring Stretch
G15: Standing Reach Down Hamstring Stretch
Chapter 10 Adductors
H01: Sitting Feet Together Adductor Stretch
H02: Standing Wide Knees Adductor Stretch
H03: Standing Leg-up Adductor Stretch
H04: Kneeling Leg-out Adductor Stretch
H05: Squatting Leg-out Adductor Stretch
H06: Kneeling Face-down Adductor Stretch
H07: Sitting Wide Leg Adductor Stretch
H08: Standing Wide Leg Adductor Stretch
Chapter 11 Abductors
I01: Standing Hip-out Abductor Stretch
I02: Standing Leg Cross Abductor Stretch
I03: Leaning Abductor Stretch
I04: Standing Leg-under Abductor Stretch
I05: Lying Abductor Stretch
I06: Lying Swiss Ball Abductor Stretch
I07: Lying Leg Hang Abductor Stretch
Chapter 12 Upper Calves
J01: Standing Toe-up Calf Stretch
J02: Standing Toe Raised Calf Stretch
J03: Single Heel Drop Calf Stretch
J04: Double Heel Drop Calf Stretch
J05: Standing Heel Back Calf Stretch
J06: Leaning Heel Back Calf Stretch
J07: Crouching Heel Back Calf Stretch
J08: Sitting Toe Pull Calf Stretch
Chapter 13 Lower Calves and Achilles Tendon
K01: Standing Toe-up Achilles Stretch
K02: Single Heel Drop Achilles Stretch
K03: Standing Heel Back Achilles Stretch

K04: Leaning Heel Back Achilles Stretch
K05: Sitting Bent Knee Toe Pull Achilles Stretch
K06: Crouching Heel Back Achilles Stretch
K07: Kneeling Heel-down Achilles Stretch
K08: Squatting Achilles Stretch
Chapter 14 Shins, Ankles, Feet, and Toes
L01: Foot-behind Shin Stretch
L02: Front Cross-over Shin Stretch
L03: Raised Foot Shin Stretch
L04: Double Kneeling Shin Stretch
L05: Squatting Toe Stretch
L06: Ankle Rotation Stretch
Top Five Stretches for Each Sports Injury
Top Five Stretches for Each Sport



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