185. Strength Training on Ball: Pilates Approach

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185. Strength Training on Ball: Pilates Approach

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Introduction: Function Versus Strength
Liuda’s Story
Recovering Function and Strength
Connecting the Dots: A Pilates Approach
Not a Recipe Book
1. The Ball and The Method
Aquilino’s Story
The Pilates Method: Over Ninety Years Old and Growing Strong
Why Pilates-Based Ballwork?
Check-In: Getting Started
2. Breathing and Releasing
Maria’s Story: Freeing the Rib Cage
The Three-Dimensional Breath
Rest As You Go: An Italian Story
The Breathing Exercises
Ball Breathing • Chest Opener with Arm Circles • Breathing and The
Check-In: The Right Ball for You
3. Stability Before Strength
Dawn’s Story: Achieving “Moving Stability”
“Big Engines” Versus “Control Engines”
Nervous-System Error

The Pre-Pilates Stabilizing Exercises
Navel-to-Spine • Tailbone Curls • Pelvic Floor and Knee-Lift Stabilizing
Exercise • Heel Slides and Single-Leg Circles • Scapula Isolation and
Rib Cage Stability • Half Roll-Downs with Resistance Band
Check-In: The Work of Attention
4. Strength Training, Posture, and Balance
Arthur’s Story
Posture: Staying in Line with Gravity
Uncovering a New Neutral Spine
Strength Training and Balance
The Footwork
The Footwork Exercises • Squats with and without Weights • Single-Leg
Footwork and Lunges
Check-In: Balance Tests and Postural Assessment
5. The Abdominals: The Powerhouse to Strength
Cindy’s Story: Activating the Elevator at the Base of the Powerhouse
The Powerhouse: A Three-Dimensional Cylinder
Crunches Versus Curls
The Key Powerhouse Builders
Pelvic-Floor Elevator • Knee-Lift Stabilizing Exercise • Abdominal
Curls • The Roll-up • Single-and Double-Leg Stretches • Oblique Twists
• With the Small Ball • Ab Curls on the Ball • Abdominal Challenges •
Side-Twist Plank with Leg Lift
Check-In: Dieting Blues
6. Strength Training and Antiaging
The Long Slow Goodbye of Aging
The Antiaging Benefits of Strength Training
Osteoporosis—The Silent Bone Saboteur
Light Versus Heavy Weights
The Pilates-Based Arm Work
Ball as Bench • On the Belly • Bicep Curls/Wrist Curls • Side-Lying Arm
Work • Sitting on the Ball with Weights
Check-In: Weight Training and Women
7. Strength Versus Flexibility
My Summer Yoga Class

Stressful Lives, Stressed Bodies
Functional Flexibility
Band and Ball Stretches
Single-Leg Stretch Series • Inner Thigh Stretch • Hip Stretch • Spinal
Twist • Hip-Flexor Stretch • Kneeling Hamstring Stretch with Ball • The
Tabletop and Quad Stretch
Check-In: How Are You Doing?
8. Rebuilding Strength
Sadie’s Story—Battling a Crippler
The Science of Back Pain
Extreme Sports and Weekend Warriors
The Resistance-Band Exercises
Sitting on the Ball: Upper Body • On the Mat: Lower Body • Extensions
• Roll Downs with Pull
Check-In: Treating Your Low-Back Pain
Options and Home Care for Low-Back Pain
9. Recovering Strength and Playfulness in Youth
One in Four: A Page from a Teen’s Diary
Out-of-Shape Kids
Balls in Schools
Hyperactive Kids and the Ball
Strength Exercises for Children and Teens
Sitting • Extensions and Airplane • On Elbows • Side Star • Throw and
Catch • Ball Squat for Two • Teaser for Two • Balance Test
Check-In: Solutions for Inactive Families
10. Strength Training for Older Adults
A Tolstoyan Story
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Aging
Older Adults and Exercise
Sitting and Pelvic Movements • Resistance-Band Arm Work • Bridges •
Planks • Hamstring Curls with Two Balls
Check-In: Posture Control and How to Complement Your Strength
Final Words

Workout 1: Restorative Strength Training
Workout 2: Basic Strength Training
Workout 3: Intermediate Strength Training
Ball and Video Ordering Information
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