16. Atlas Of Surgical Anatomy

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16. Atlas Of Surgical Anatomy



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Preface vii
Leon Dorn: A biographical note viii
Léon Dorn: Notes on method ix
1 Reconstructive surgery
The tree of flaps for the upper limb 2
Flap from the lateral head of
gastrocnemius 3
Soleus muscle flaps 5
Sural skin flap 8
Vascularised osteoperiosteal flap from the
femur 10
Vascularised fibula transfer 11
Lateral brachial flap 14
Forearm radial flap 16
Posterior interosseous flap 18
Pronator quadratus muscle flap 20
2 Hand and peripheral nerve
Anatomy of the hand 24
The trapezium: volar approach 27
The ‘boutonnière’ deformity 31
Arthrolysis of the PIP joint 34
Protective flaps for the median nerve at the
wrist 36
Flexor digitorum superficialis transfer to the
thumb 38
Vascularised bone transfer from the metaphysis
of the second metacarpal 39
Dupuytren’s disease 40
Surgery of the wrist 44
Pollicisation of the index finger 45
Brachial plexus 49
Exposure of the interosseous nerve 54
Exposure of the radial nerve at the
elbow 57

3 Gynaecological surgery
The lower approach of the prolapse and
the separation of the vagina and the
bladder 60
Treatment of genital prolapse after
hysterectomy 65
Surgical treatment of elytrocele 70
4 Urological surgery
Allotransplantation of the kidney 74
Surgery of renal lithiasis 79
Extrophy of the bladder in a young boy 81
Hypospadias surgery 86
Prosthesis for erectile function of penis 90
Amputation of the penis for sexual ambiguity:
feminisation 97
5 Abdominal surgery
Reconstruction of a urinary bladder 106
Gastrectomy 110
The liver 115
6 Surgery of the vertebral column
Transpleural approach to the dorsal rachis by
thoracotomy 120
Treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis 122
Surgical treatment of scoliosis 126
Treatment of lumbar disc hernia: anterior
approach 129
7 Upper limb surgery
Sternoclavicular dislocation 134
Stabilisation of a shoulder prosthetic
implant 136
Cleidectomy 137
Osteosynthesis of a fracture of the
forearm 139
Anterior approach to the subacromial
space 141

Anterior approach to the glenohumeral
joint 143
Axillary approach to the glenohumeral
joint 147
Subdeltoid approach to the proximal
metaphysis of the humerus 150
Anterior approach to the proximal third of the
radius 151
8 Lower limb surgery
Anatomy of the posterior approach to the
femoral shaft 154
Extended medial approach to the popliteal
vessels 157
Anatomy of the knee 160
Anatomy of the lumbosacral plexus 162
Prosthesis of the patella 163
Repair of a rupture of the anterior cruciate
ligament 167
Posterior approach to the posterior cruciate
ligament 171

Allograft of patella and patellar ligament 173
Cross-section through the hip joint 176
Posterior approach to the acetabulum 177
Inguinal approach to the acetabulum 181
Extended iliofemoral approach to the
acetabulum 186
Posteromedial approach to the ankle 190
Lateral approach to the subtalar and midtarsal
joint 193
9 Miscellaneous
Muscular studies 195
Surgery of the ear: neurosurgery 199
Surgery of the middle ear 202
Tympanic graft 204
Paediatrics: Pavlick’s harness 207
Congenital malformations 208
Detection of fetal anomalies 216
Dissection of the left heart 217
Dissection of the right heart 221
Index 225



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