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157. Activity Guide

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Contributors vii
Preface xi
Introduction xv
Part I Foundations for Physical Activity Promotion 1
Chapter 1 Health Benefits of Physical Activity 3

David M. Buchner
What Is Physical Activity? 3
What Is Physical Fitness? 4
Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure 4
Determinants of the Health Benefits of Physical Activity 5
Types of Physical Activity 7
Other Attributes of Physical Activity 7
Preventive Health Benefits of Physical Activity 7
Health Benefits of Physical Activity in Children 16
Prevention of Functional Limitations and Disability 17
Therapeutic Exercise 19
Perspective on Physical Activity Risks 19
Conclusion 20
Resources 20

Chapter 2 Physical Activity Recommendations 21

Janet E. Fulton and Harold W. Kohl III
Healthy People 2010: National Health Promotion and 21
Disease Prevention Objectives Related to
Physical Activity and Physical Fitness
Physical Activity Recommendations for Adults— 22
Historical Considerations
Overview of Current Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults 24
Current Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults 24
What’s New About the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines 26
for Americans?
Physical Activity Recommendations for Older Adults— 29
Historical Considerations
Current Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults 30
Physical Activity Recommendations for Children 32
and Adolescents—Historical Considerations
Current Physical Activity Guidelines for Children 37
and Adolescents
Summary 39
Suggested Readings 39


Part II Approaches and Interventions for Changing 41
Physical Activity Behavior
Chapter 3 Informational Approaches to Promoting Physical Activity 47

Community-Wide Campaigns 47
Sara Wilcox and Dennis Shepard
Point-of-Decision Prompts 57
Sarah Levin Martin, Leigh Ramsey Buchanan, and Robin E. Soler
Chapter 4 Behavioral and Social Approaches 63

to Promoting Physical Activity
Enhanced School-Based Physical Education 63
Jacqueline N. Epping and Sarah M. Lee
Individually-Adapted Health Behavior Change Interventions 75
David R. Brown and Tina J. Lankford
Social Support Interventions in Community Settings 86
Rebeka Cook and Ross C. Brownson

Chapter 5 Environmental and Policy Approaches 93

to Promoting Physical Activity
Creation of or Enhanced Access to Places for 93
Physical Activity Combined With Informational
Outreach Activities
James F. Sallis and Gregory W. Heath
Community-Scale and Street-Scale Urban Design and 102
Land Use Policies and Practices to Promote
Physical Activity
Thomas L. Schmid and Candace Rutt
Part III Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating 117

Your Intervention or Program

Chapter 6 Partnerships 119
Tamara Vehige Calise, Refilwe Moeti, and Jacqueline N. Epping
Key Steps to an Effective Partnership 120
Step 1: Determine Whether a Partnership Is Necessary 122
Step 2: Determine Whether Potential Partners Have the 123
Capacity and Interest to Support the Partnership
Step 3: Recruit Partners 128
Step 4: Establish Leadership 130
Step 5: Determine One or More Common Goals 130
Step 6: Determine the Partner’s Level of Involvement 132
and Cooperation in the Partnership
Step 7: Define the Partnership’s Operational Structure 132
Step 8: Keep the Long-Term Goal in View 134
Step 9: Start With Reasonable Short-Term Objectives 134
Step 10: Evaluate the Partnership 135
Conclusion 135
Recommended Readings 135

Chapter 7 Program Planning and Evaluation 137

Sarah Levin Martin and Lauren M. Workman
Program Planning 137
Program Evaluation 144
Conclusion 151
Suggested Readings 152

Part IV Resources for Action 153
Appendix A Physical Activity and Disability 155

by James H. Rimmer

Appendix B Physical Activity Surveillance by Sandra A. Ham 165
Appendix C Physical Activity and Fitness (HP 2010 Progress Review) 171
Appendix D Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the 197

Surgeon General (Executive Summary)

Appendix E Resources 215
Glossary 225
References 233
Index 255
About the Organization 261
About the Editors 262



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