13. Nutrition In Sport

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13. Nutrition In Sport



CATEGORY: Diet Nutrition Supplementation – 500 Courses


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List of Contributors, ix
Forewords, xiii
Preface, xv
Part 1: Nutrition and Exercise
1 Basic Exercise Physiology, 3
h.g. knuttgen
2 Biochemistry of Exercise, 17
m. gleeson
3 Exercise, Nutrition and Health, 39
a.e. hardman
4 Energy Costs of Exercise and Sport, 53
h.j. montoye
5 Dietary Carbohydrates, 73
l.m. burke
6 Carbohydrate Metabolism in Exercise, 85
e. hultman and p.l. greenhaff
7 Optimization of Glycogen Stores, 97
j.l. ivy
8 Carbohydrate Replacement during
Exercise, 112
m. hargreaves

9 Amino Acid Metabolism in Exercise, 119
a.j.m. wagenmakers
10 Effects of Exercise on Protein
Metabolism, 133
p.w.r. lemon
11 Amino Acids, Fatigue and
Immunodepression in Exercise, 153
e.a. newsholme and l.m. castell
12 Nutrition, Neurotransmitters and Central
Nervous System Fatigue, 171
j.m. davis
13 Fat Metabolism during Exercise, 184
j.a. hawley, a.e. jeukendrup and
f. brouns
14 Adaptations to a High Fat Diet, 192
b. kiens and j.w. helge
15 Temperature Regulation and Fluid and
Electrolyte Balance, 203
r.j. maughan and e.r. nadel
16 Effects of Dehydration and Rehydration on
Performance, 216
m.n. sawka, w.a. latzka
and s.j. montain
17 Water and Electrolyte Loss and
Replacement in Exercise, 226
r.j. maughan

18 Gastrointestinal Function and Exercise, 241
n.j. rehrer and d.f. gerrard
19 Rehydration and Recovery after
Exercise, 256
s.m. shirreffs
20 Vitamins: Metabolic Functions, 266
m. fogelholm
21 Vitamins: Effects of Exercise on
Requirements, 281
j. chen
22 Exercise-induced Oxidative Stress and
Antioxidant Nutrients, 292
c.k. sen, s. roy and l. packer
23 Minerals: Calcium, 318
k.p. aulin
24 Minerals: Iron, 326
e.r. eichner
25 Trace Minerals, 339
p.m. clarkson
26 Nutritional Ergogenic Aids, 356
m.h. williams and
b.c. leutholtz
27 Creatine, 367
p.l. greenhaff
28 Caffeine, 379
l.l. spriet and r.a. howlett
29 Bicarbonate and Citrate, 393
l.r. mcnaughton
30 Alcohol in Sport, 405
l.m. burke and r.j. maughan
Part 2: Special Considerations
31 The Female Athlete, 417
k.a. gabel

32 The Young Athlete, 429
v.b. unnithan and
a.d.g. baxter-jones
33 The Vegetarian Athlete, 442
j.r. berning
34 The Diabetic Athlete, 457
j. jensen and b. leighton
Part 3: Practical Issues
35 The Overweight Athlete, 469
m.m. manore
36 The Travelling Athlete, 484
a.c. grandjean and j.s. ruud
37 Overtraining: Nutritional Intervention, 492
h. kuipers
38 Exercise at Climatic Extremes, 497
m.a. febbraio
39 Eating Disorders in Athletes, 510
j. sundgot-borgen
40 Sports Nutrition Products, 523
r. murray
Part 4: Sport-specific Nutrition
41 Sprinting, 535
c.w. nicholas
42 Distance Running, 550
j.a. hawley, e.-j. schabort
and t.d. noakes
43 Cycling, 562
a.e. jeukendrup
44 Team Sports, 574
j. bangsbo
45 Gymnastics, 588
d. benardot

46 Swimming, 609
r.l. sharp
47 Weightlifting and Power Events, 621
v.a. rogozkin
48 Racquet Sports, 632
m. hargreaves
49 Weight Category Sports, 637
j.h. wilmore

50 Skating, 646
a.c. snyder and c. foster
51 Cross-country Skiing, 656
b. ekblom and u. bergh
Index, 663



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