128. Ayurvedic Healing

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128. Ayurvedic Healing



CATEGORY:Alternative Medicines 300 Courses


FEES: 555/- INR only





Foreword xi
Introduction xv
PART I: Principles and Therapies of the

Science of Life
1. The Biological Humors
The Dynamics of the Life-Force 3
Qualities; Actions; Aggravated States; Five
Types; Tissues (Dhatus); Systems (Srotas);
Western View of
2. The Six Tastes
The Energetics of Healing Substances 15
3. Constitutional Examination
How to Determine Your Unique
Psycho-physical Nature 21
Physical and Psychological Nature; Three
Humor Types; Three Guna Types
4. Examination of Disease
The Patterns of Imbalance 33
The Disease Process
5. Balancing the Humors
The Ways of Holistic Living 43
Ayurvedic Life-Regimes; Regimes for Each
6. Ayurvedic Diet
Personalizing Your Dietary Regime 59
Dietary Principles; Specific Diet for Each Humor
with Examination of Food Types and Individual
Foods; Sattvic Diet
7. Herbal Therapies
The Methods of Reintegration 87
Reduction Therapy (Shodhana); Detoxification
Therapy (Shamana); Tonification Therapy
8. Balancing Energy 109

Ayurvedic Healing
PART II: The Treatment of Disease
Digestive System Disorders 117
Ayurvedic View of Digestive System; Diseases of
the Large Intestine; Constipation; Diarrhea; Gas
and Distention; Diseases of the Stomach;
Vomiting/Nausea; Hyperacidity; Ulcers; Diseases
of the liver and Gall Bladder/Hepatitis/ Jaundice;
Gall Stones; Diseases of the Small Intestine
Malabsorption Miscellaneous Digestive System
Disorders; Food Allergies; Candida; Parasites;
Metabolic Disorders; Obesity; Underweight;
Disorders of the Respiratory System 161
Ayurvedic View of Respiratory System; Common
Cold/Flu; Cough; Sore Throat; Laryngitis;
Bronchitis/Pneumonia; Asthma; Hay Fever/Allergic
Circulatory System Disorders 171
Ayruvedic View of Heart Disease; Heart Disease;
Hypertension; Arteriosclerosis; Hypotension;
Bleeding; Epistaxis; Anemia
Diseases of the Urinary Tract and
Water Metabolism Disorders 183

Difficult Urination; Edema; Urinary Tract In-
fections; Stones; Diabetes

Reproductive System Disorders 191
Ayurvedic View of Sex; Diseases of the Male
Reproductive System; Sexual Debility; Sterility;
Enlarged Prostate; Venereal Diseases; Genital
Herpes; AIDS; Gynecological Disorders; PMS;
Amenorrhea; Dysmenorrhea; Menorrhagia;
Leucorrhea; Menopause; Hysterectomy; Breast or
Uterine Cysts and Tumors; PID; Endometritis and
Endometriosis; Care During Pregnancy; Post
Partum ;Miscar-riage/Habitual Abortion; Infertility
Febrile and Infectious Diseases 213
Fevers; Infections; Boils and Carbuncles; Skin
Miscellaneous Conditions 221
Traumatic Injuries; Post-Surgery; Arthritis; Gout;
Cancer; Bleeding Gums and Dental Problems

Contents vu
The Care of Children and the Elderly 231
General Care of Children; Old Age; Premature
Balding or Graying of Hair
Nervous System Disorders 239

Nervous System Disorders Generally; Insom-
nia; Headache/Migraine; Eye Diseases

Conditions Involving the Mind,
Mental Disorders, Meditational
Disorders and Addictions 247

Mental Disorders Generally; Psychological Un-
rest; Improving Sattva; Insanity, Possession;

Meditational Disorders; Addictions; Smoking;
Alcoholism; Drug Disorders
PART III: Ayurvedic Remedial

Classical Ayurvedic Formulas 269
Powders/Tablets; Gugguls; Medicinal Wines;
Herbal Jellies; Medicated Oils; Medicated
Ghees; Rasas and Other Mineral Preparations
Modern Ayurvedic Formulas 289
17 Modern Formulas
Oils, Aroma Therapy and Incense 297
Herb Usage 301
Dosage; Formula Development; Potentiation
of Herbs
Spiritual Remedial Measures 307
Astrology and Ayurveda; Gem Therapy; Mantra
Vedk and Yogic Science 317
PART IV: Appendices
English glossary 323
Sanskrit glossary 327
Herbal glossaries 331
1. Western and Common Ayurvedic Herbs; 2.
Special Ayurvedic Herbs; 3. Special Chinese
Bibliography 343
Indexes 346



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